What did/will you miss when you moved out to college?

Yes, another college going question. My things:

What I wouldn’t miss:

My neighbors- But I will be moving to an on campus apartment, so maybe I will get new, obnoxious neighbors(!).

Those jerks I had for classmates, especially the one who said to a friend we better had each other as a ceremony partner since neither one of us could get another date

Naps in the middle of the day

Eating yourself stupid at the cafeteria

Living 2 doors dwon from you best freind

Talking on the phone to your freind 2 doors down

TP’ing peoples doors shut

Living a 5 minute walk away from everything you need

Slacking for 12 weeks, then cramming the last 2

Hanging out on campus after the semester ends, having no classes, finding fun stuff to do.

When I went to college what I missed most was SLEEP.
Dorms are loud places at all hours and my home was not. But most of all it was so hard to sleep because of the light. I grew up on a farm and my college was in a city. I had never had to deal with street lights before. It is supposed to be dark at night and in town it never is. (dark)

I missed decent food. At home, I can cook, and do. Its not fancy but its usually made from reasonably high quality starting material. You know, veggies and milk and stuff.

I went to a school where I knew no one. No one from my high school had concidered going there ever. After a few weeks I got pretty lonely. I had new friends, but I didn’t have anyone who had known me for more than those few weeks. I saw none of the faces I was used to seeing for years before going to college.

Other than that, I loved college and I can’t wait to get back!

I second QUIET. Both in the dorms and the student ghettos, if it wasn’t a loud stereo or tv, it was somebody hollering at the top of their lungs or bouncing a basketball at four in the morning. Now I live in the country and I am much happier.

I also missed a few of my HS friends (but I got over that.)

In college I was close enough to home that I didn’t miss my family much, but when I moved off to grad school the hurt started.

What I miss:

My car (I had to fly down because my car was broken at the time, and I can’t get it back until Christmas)

My guitar (I had too much luggage to bring it on the plane with me, and my mother refuses to mail it)

Being able to call up any of my friends and say “Hey, wanna go to the mall?” And then just getting up and going. (Even if I made friends to go to the mall with - there isn’t a mall within 2 hours of campus!)

My job. ($85 a week, cash, for sitting in a store talking about NASCAR 4 days a week! I will never find a gig that sweet again.)

My quiet spot in the woods where I would go to think and maybe play my acoustic guitar.

My mom paying for my food

A comfortable bed
What I don’t miss:

My mother’s constant complaints, insults and downright meanness. Now that I live 1500 miles away, she doesn’t get the chance to call me “useless, ugly bitch” as often.

shudder I think I’ll call my mom tonight and tell her that I love her.

I miss the cafeteria. All the food you can eat between 6 in the morning and 7 at night, decently cooked and you don’t have to wash dishes. Sweet Jesus, it was heaven, now that I look back on it.

I also miss have a really huge gym within short walking distane and a class schedule open enough to let me use it frequently.

Student-run theaters/film festivals were fun, too. I have fond memories of saturday nights with the local anime club.

I missed nothing when I left for college. Hell, if my parents weren’t helping foot the bill, I wouldn’t 'a bothered to miss them, either. Fortunately, I feel differently about such things now.

What I miss from college is a whole 'nother ball game. To name a few:

  • Beer for breakfast, followed by martinis at lunch, beertime, beer:30, happy hour, tequila and shotguns before going out, keg beer, then a beer nightcap with a beer chaser.

  • Reading. Constant reading. As a job. That’s working.

  • Daytime fishing. Any day, any time.

  • Did I mention beer?

Oh, yes. And careless, near-constant, foundation-shaking sex, every single damned day.

Ahem. My work here is done.

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I missed just one thing when I left. My best friend. Haven’t really been able to talk to him all that much cause he moved away from my old hometown across the state. Now he lives a good 3 hours away and I don’t really keep in touch with him. Other than that I’m glad I got outta my shithole of a town that consisted of almost 1,600 people. Hell there were almost that many people that lived in my dorm my first year.

I will miss my cat. And my bed.

That’s about it though. I live in an area where no one is under 40, so seeing people my age all the time will be kind of a shock.

When I left home for college the first time, I missed my family and my dog. We had just moved to Minnesota from Missouri 3 days earlier, so I was still reeling from that lovely trip.

It’s year 3, and I still miss my family and my dog. This year, I’m adding the fact that I kinda miss my job at Quizno’s. But I’m a peer advisor (an RA who works mostly with freshmen), so now I miss more abstract things… free time, a quiet moment to myself, the freedom to spend the night at a friend’s room without informing the hall coordinator, and having a bathtub.

You know, I am absolutely brain-dead. I misread the title as “…left college.” Never mind all those posts in between that were completely different than my expectations. Aaarggghh.

Okay, my real answer is: Nothing. I was kind of sick of my parents at that point (don’t get me wrong, I have perfectly good parents that I’m rather fond of, but still…after 18 years…) and there is really nothing to do in the UP except scour the relatively numerous used book stores for science fiction and pray for release from the mind-wracking boredom.