What did you think of your parent's music?

After reading this thread, let’s do the flip side: what did you think of your parent’s music? What did you like and what did you hate? And did you change your opinion on it over the years?
Personally, the only music my mom/aunts/uncles listened to was either country music or Mexican music. I liked country back then, and still have a major soft spot for pre-90s country. Mexican music I never really liked; Mom for a number of reasons never taught me Spanish and it thus was hard to relate to. I still hear it a ton at family functions, but as with much non-English music it’s more background than anything I consciously think about.

My dad listened to The Dubliners and other Celtic music and folk music in general: Joan Baez included. I loved it then and I love it now.

Johnny Cash? Hell ya.
Englebert Whatshisdink? Not so much.

The song they listen to is so relaxing so i have no complaint to what song they listen to but it also depend on my mood…

My mother had a small classical collection – Saint Saens, Bach, etc. – and this totally molded my lifelong tastes.

My pa liked cowboy songs and sea chanteys. Okay, as far as they go…

My father listened to classical and Broadway. My mother listened to “standards” on her a.m. radio in the kitchen. I listen to all these genres, plus opera, classic jazz, pop and classic rock (NOT the Stones). Plus LGBT choruses.

There’s nothing they listened to that I don’t enjoy. And there’s nothing I ever liked that I don’t still enjoy.

We didn’t have music in the modern sense when I was a child in the early 1960s. The only source was the AM radio and it played Nat King Cole, Glenn Millar and similar soft music. Rock’n’roll was not deemed acceptable by the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation. There were no private radio stations in those days.

Although there was always the Goon Show. :stuck_out_tongue:

On rare occasions I hear music from that age and like it in a nostalgic sort of way, but wouldn’t buy it or download it. However I do like Nat King Cole.

To this day, my mother is surprised and delighted that I’m an even bigger Beatles fan than she is.

Country Western. Which I considered having forced upon me a form of child abuse.

I can’t remember a whole lot. All I can remember is being subjected to Hee Haw, The Mandrell sisters, and I also seem to remember “Like a rhinestone cowboy” playing on the radio a lot.

ETA: Forgot to add: I hated it!!

Hey, Ray Conniff Rules!!

I don’t know why some people can only love one type of music. I loved my parents music and still do, it just reminds me of my family that sadly are all gone. So bring on Glen Miller, Andy Williams, Artie Shaw and yes even Lawrence Welk.

My parents weren’t easy listening fans – that was more my grandmother. But I did recently discover the only time I appreciate it – when it is between 11 pm and 1 am and I am driving cross country. Nothing to do and I am too mellow for loud music, but not so tired that listening to soft music will put me to sleep.

My dad bought one of those Time-Life record sets for the Big Band era when I was in my early teens. Awesome stuff. It was eye opening to find that my parents enjoyed good music and that music could be good without being what I was used too.

My Dad listened to Jazz, Classical and Big Band. I still love it all.

There wasn’t really any music around the house growing up.

On the rare occasions when there was, it was from an extremely limited collection, consisting entirely of Greatest Hits albums from ABBA, Fleetwood Mac, Chicago, and Mannheim Steamroller shudder. How exactly they zeroed in on those bands, who knows.

Since becoming an adult I have gone to great lengths to buy them newer, or at least a better variety of, music.

Hey! Those were great bands! :mad:

Hey, there’s nothing inherently wrong with any of them, but hearing the same albums over and over for years was a bit much. And when Dad got a five-CD changer, guess what 4 albums he bought and lived in there permanently? Seriously, it’s been like 20 years and they’re still in there.

You should appreciate your father more.

I inherited dad’s record collection. There was Ray Conniff, Nat King Cole, Johnny Mathis, Lorne Greene, Burl Ives, Jim Reeves, Roger Miller, Andy Williams.

At the time I thought it was all pretty cool. After a while I became disillusioned with Ray Conniff, though. :wink:

My parents never got locked into a certain era of music. They listen[ed] to a lot of contemporary alternative, rap, R&B and classic rock. Which meant I liked quite a lot of it and we still have very similar tastes.