What did you think of your SO when you first met him/her?

I have heard on more than one occasion from a married person that “when I met my husband/wife, I knew he/she was the right one for me”. It got me to wondering what has gone through other folks’ minds when first meeting the person who ends up as a SO. Did you know right away that you were compatible? Did you just sort of shrug and go on with your day? Did you go home and compose sonnets in their honor? What was your first impression of your SO and your possible future relationship potential to them?

That he looked nothing like his photograph, but he had a great smile. And he was incredibly sweet and geeky. And he is. I can’t say for sure he’s ‘the one’ yet, but I’d be happy if he was.

I thought she was hot & cute, and was glad (and amazed and confused) that she seemed interested in talking to me.

It was quite memorable, and kept me thinking novel thoughts and feeling strange feelings.

I tried to gather up my courage to ask her to homecoming, but then I heard a rumor that she was already going there with someone else. I was crushed.

The night before homecoming, while building a debate club float for the homecoming parade together, she informed me her date had shingles. I asked her if she’d go with me. She said yes.

That was over 35 years ago now. We were both 15 then. She’s still hot. And cute.

Thank Og for shingles!

On first sight? “He looks like Michael Biehn. He will be mine. Oh yes, he will be mine.” On first conversation? “Shy, artsy, and funny. He will be mine. Oh yes, he will be mine.”

And I’m not letting him get away.

That she was a cute kid way, but so young that I would lose all dignity if I assayed to woo her. Happily, she pointed out the 109th Rule of Acquisition.

Very first time? “Oh, this is Aaron’s brother. Goofy tan, and he needs new clothes. Seems nice.” He doesn’t remember it at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

(He had just gotten home from a long stint living in Chile, and had a goofy tan and 4 ugly t-shirts to his name.)

I saw him out on the patio, smoking a cigarette. He was cute and cool and nothing but trouble, and I knew he was The One.

Together for 16.5 years, married for 14.5 years.

Did I mention we were both in rehab at the time? :smiley:

well I’m single, but when my brother came back from his first date with his wife he said, in this shocked voice, “this one actually talks!” this was after he went out with a series of quiet “oh, let’s just do what you want to, I don’t care, whatever you think is ok with me, teehee” types.

I met him in a bar, and thought he was the most adorable thing I had ever laid eyes on. I went home with him that night, went out to breakfast with him the next morning, and knew he was the One. Ten years later, he still is.

It was love at first sight. For me, anyway. She took convincing.


And I had only seen her hair, and a slight bit of profile. And she had nothing of the type of hair or facial features that I usually liked. And I was already attached to someone else.


19 years, still MINE!

Actually when we first met, I thought he was cute, but didn’t pay much attention. He looked like the kind of guy that wouldn’t be interested in me. After he asked a mutual friend about me and for my number, I still wasn’t sure. He was different from what I was used to. It has been a year, I still don’t know if he is “the one.” I don’t know if I believe in this “the one” business. I still think he is pretty darn cute though. :smiley:

I don’t believe in love at first sight, but there were sparks the moment I laid eyes on him. And within a couple of hours of talking to him, I found myself looking into his big brown eyes and thinking “oh shit, I’m in real trouble here!”

Well, me neither, in any cosmic/pre-ordained sense. But it is a romantic notion and a convenient shorthand for “the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.” That hasn’t changed.

Met her at a garden party in Korea. Before you have visions of champagne glasses and jazz bands, in the army a garden party is when you wake up at 6:30 on a Saturday morning, and someone hands you a rake and points you toward the grass. We happened to be raking the same area and started talking.

There weren’t what I’d call sparks, but I remember thinking that she was soooooo cute and smart. Just totally different from anyone I’d ever even met, let alone dated. She was really good at math and computers, and she was a total movie geek, so we wound up talking about films for a lot of the morning. It also turned out that she was funnier than hell, and her sense of humor was just as dark and twisted as mine. I remember that it was after the third or fourth time she made me laugh that I started wondering if she had any plans for that night. She didn’t, and that was 15 years ago, and she’s still making me laugh when she’s not beating me over dirty dishes.

No, I didn’t think so at all. I had sworn off men for a while, and I resisted, mightily.

We worked at the same place, and I was nominally his boss. There was a slew of unattached men on the make there, and I could’ve cared less. The first thing I thought if asked was that he seemed nice, but was kinda chubby. ( He was at the time.) He proceeded to lose about 40# and was persistent. Took him about 6 months to get my undivided attention.

I have never met anyone who loves me as much as he does.

I met my Darling Marcie five years after my horrendous divorce. I had sworn off women and I had sworn I would never again make a commitment; I was finished and would live the rest of my life as a bachelor.

I spent one day with my Darling Marcie and her sister, who introduced us and all my vows were out the window. We’ve been together twelve years now and I can’t imagine living without her.

No I didn’t know at first. I refused to date him for three years. He was nicely persistent and finally I asked him if he wanted to try this or what. That was in 2002, we got married in 2003 and I had no idea marriage could be so much fun.

We met online, then chatted on the phone for a few months before we actually met and went out on a date. Of course I’d seen a picture of him already. I thought he was a little grungy but in a cute way (he’s less grungy now, since I do his laundry now :p). My first thought when I met him was “My Dad is gonna hate this guy; I like him already.”

On the date I pretended to fuss over my hair in the pool hall mirror to check out his butt and he caught me! :o

I pretty much craved the man for a good year before we finally got together. We’ve been living together for 8 years, but Sunday will be our fourth anniversary.

Ha. We met online, playing a video game. Between his typing style and the way he talked to his buddies who also played, I thought he was 17. Extremely intelligent and thoughtful, but nonetheless 17. I held back on getting to know him/flirting, as it would have meant a 9-year age difference had anything developed between us.

Then, on his birthday, I discovered he was only 2 months older than me. Wow. But yay! Discomfort-free flirting ensued.

That was 4 years ago. I don’t believe in “the one”, but he makes me wonder sometimes. It’s been that good.

His typing still sucks, though.