What disgusting things have you had cut off your body?

Following some minor surgical procedures last week, I have now had the following disgusting things cut off my body:

Cherry angioma
Skin tags
Plantar wart

And most recently:


A 3lb panni. YUCK!

my penis…

kidding! Ive never had one to begin with! Im yet to have something cut off my body but this thread still interests me. Im sure there will be a few good stories!


This freaky girl who stalked me.

Do tonsils count?

It wasn’t cut off, but my sebaceous cyst kinda swelled up and then dribbled out in small chunks of foul-smelling gunk. Does that count?

Oh, I forgot to list my sebaceous cyst! Had one of those cut off (cut out, actually, with a punch) too.

I wondered whether any of our real transDopers would show up and say this…

A 7 lb, 12 1/2 oz boy. Although the disgusting part really didn’t kick in until 12 years later when he decided that things like showers and deodorant and clean bedrooms were for suckers.

Once when I was young and foolish, I got so bored that I poked a guitar string through one of my moles. (It was about the shape of a pencil eraser.) After a while, I decided that was kind of gross, so I finished the job by cutting it off with an X-Acto knife. It bled more than I expected, but left a flat pink (but hairy) scar in the place of the dark bump that had been rubbing on my clothes my whole life.

Epidermal inclusion cyst on my forehead, which my friends affectionately called “the toomah.”

Nerdy postscript: It was 1996 and I bookmarked the above page in Netscape. In 2008, I’m still building on the same bookmarks file in Firefox, and that one, clearly, still works.

I had a large growth removed from my right buttcheek in 2002. “And now for something completely different, a man with three buttocks!”

I have a skin tag that I need to get removed, and I’ve had a couple of moles removed that started growing when I was pregnant – probably nothing to worry about, but they were in annoying spots. And I have some kind of a cystic lump in my thigh that I need to get checked out. I’m just hoping that if it is a sebaceous cyst, I can appreciate it spilling all kinds of ooky stuff if/when it’s removed.

Oh, and I’ve had an arthritic bone removed from one thumb, and I had my knee joint removed last year (and a shiny new titanium one inserted). They had me very lightly out during the knee surgery (with a spinal so it’s not like I could feel any pain), and I woke up during it and was quite annoyed they insisted on putting me back to sleep. Thanks to the disgusting pimple and TMI and such threads here on the Dope, I have grown to such an appreciation of all things disgusting that the doctors couldn’t understand why I would want to stay awake to listen in on what they were doing with my knee. Killjoys.

Pterygiums from both eyes (not at the same time).

I think mine do, as I’ve had them removed three times.

Appendix. Tonsils, Warts. Salivery gland.

Despite living in Thailand, I’ve managed to keep my penis attached.

When I was a kid I used to get all sorts of Plantar Warts, mostly on the soles of my feet. Had several cut away. Gross. Thankfully they stopped occuring once I hit puberty.

“Little GameHat” has a small skin tag. I also have a few small skin tags on my eyelids. I plan to leave these alone.

Oh, and part of a finger. Just to the last knuckle. Or first, whatever you call it; the one on the end. Got it caught in a door way back when. Ouch!

Let’s see…a plantar’s wart and a couple of run of the mill warts when I was a kid, a sebaceous cyst, two wisdom teeth and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basal_cell_carcinoma

Just a few teeth, which were in quite a horrific state.

Oh, and my foreskin, but that was hardly disgusting, even though it was a medical necessity.