Do you still have all of your orginial, factory-installed parts?

A friend of mine has mentioned that she’s had both a hysterectomy and her uvula and tonsils removed. The former I know several other people who’ve had that, but no one else who has had the uvula out. As I understand it, a lot of people currently middle-age and older had their tonsils out, though it was far less common by the time I was a kid.

I myself have never had a surgery that wasn’t dental in nature (on baby teeth that emerged without enamel due to hereditary amelogenesis imperfecta), so all the parts I was born with that don’t eventually fall out on their own are still here.

So how about you? Other than teeth, which we all lose at least one set of naturally, and hair/skin/fingernails that we all shed, do you still have all the body parts you were born with too?

No surgeries here. I have one non-working pancreas. I have lost a few brain cells. 2 wisdom teeth are gone. I have lost skin and blood due to accidents. Mostly all my parts are intact.
ETA I lost three eggs due to live births.

I’ve had my wisdom teeth and several other teeth removed due to overcrowding, and part of my left breast and two lymph nodes went bye-bye last fall. I’ve also had a few moles removed, mostly for cosmetic reasons although one turned out to be abnormal (but not cancerous).

One back disc replaced 3 months ago.

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Other than teeth, I’m pretty much intact. There was talk of adenoid removal when I was little, but that came to nothing.

My appendix is fine… It’s my table of contents (brain contents specifically) that’s faulty. :smiley:

They removed my larynx last March. And some random glands and my thyroid.

No, my voice will never come back. Yes, I breath out of the new hole in my neck.

I’ve got all my internal organs, and all external bits, save for a couple teeth.

I’m vaguely surprised I didn’t have my gall bladder removed a couple decades ago when they thought it might have been the source of some severe pain…but the pain passed and didn’t recur.

Tonsils gone. Everything else, including foreskin, is intact.

I’ve had the following uninstalled: foreskin, eight teeth.

The former was done at the usual young age when that’s performed.

The teeth were, in part, a moderately interesting story. Of the first row of molars in my mouth, only one of the four ever came in as an adult tooth. The primary molar is actually bigger than the adult tooth, and by the time I was 13, my mouth was crowded, and my teeth were becoming crooked. My dentist consulted with an orthodontist, and they pulled all four of the molars in that first row (including the one unoffending adult tooth), and I then had braces for two years – the braces were used to straighten the crooked teeth, as well as to gradually drag the remaining molars forward one “space”, to fill the gap from the extracted molars.

The other four extracted teeth were my wisdom teeth, pulled when I was an adult.

Other than those surgeries, the only other surgical procedure that I’ve ever had done was a repair of a congenital hernia, performed when I was 2. I don’t remember it at all, and nothing was taken out. :slight_smile:

Tonsils went when I was 4yrs old. Wisdom and other teeth removed at random.

I have had prosthetic stapes inserted into both ears after removal of the factory-installed ones, and an artificial lens following cataract removal last year (not for cataracts, funnily enough).

The rest of me is degenerating rapidly, so I expect the added bits might well outlive me. :smiley:

Wow…other than the hernia, this is essentially me. Foreskin, check. Four molars early on (though they all did come in, just crooked), check. Braces for two years, check. Four wisdom teeth extracted as an adult, check (two when I was 20, the other two last year).

However, I am also down two stapes bones. So maybe we’re not the same person after all.

I still have one of my milk teeth. I’m 51.

(that is, I mean, it’s still where it was originally installed, in my lower jaw)

OK, I foregot to forewarn myself that I had long ago foregone my foreskin.

(Fore those counting, there are foure words misspelled in this post, not just three.) :slight_smile:

My Mom was the same way. She had one baby tooth all her life, due to there being no adult tooth behind it. It seemed to work okay, though Mom was always very careful about what she ate.

Me, I’ve lost my tonsils and adenoids–as has been said, it was very common to yank them from kids forty and fifty years ago. And I’ve lost a bunch of teeth. But other than that, I’m still using original equipment.

I’ve just really had a bit of a back disc taken out. I’ve had one fingertip squished, and took the tip off another finger, but I stuck it back on again and it reattached, so they’re both still basically there, just not quite as installed.

I still have all default teeth, without any bits missing or stuff added; I did have a baby molar removed as it decided to sneak back into my jaw, but as it should have fallen out anyway, I’m not counting that.

I arrived on this rock in a package labeled: “Some assembly required”.

Eight surgeries so far. All but two necessary for continued existence. I’m missing lots of original equipment, but I won’t bore you with the list.

I was doing pretty well (just wisdom teeth sawn out of my jaw) until just recently when they started hacking me to pieces :frowning: Now I’ve got bits missing and I look like Frankenstein’s monster…

Appendix, 8" of intestine, gall bladder, and all the girl bits have been excised. I also had 2 wisdom teeth extracted. Everything else is original.

All parts are still basically there. Some are just in a new “there”. :slight_smile:

(Tendon autotransplant and some bits of bones rearranged.)

I’m 50. Had my tonsils taken out when I was 6. It’s the only surgery I’ve ever had.

On edit: forgot about wisdom teeth. Got them removed 25 years ago.