What do people do with their miscarriages?

I was reading a short story called “Flush” by Judy Budnitz. It starts:

This got me wondering; what do people do with their miscarriages? Do they flush them?

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Depends on the person, the stage of the pregnancy, and the rules of the hospital/state you’re in (if you’re in a hospital.) Some people flush it, sometimes it’s just absorbed on menstrual pads and the embryo is so tiny it appears to be a biggish clot. Some people bury or cremate it, some people have it sent to a lab for testing (especially if genetic risks are a concern), sometimes it’s disposed of as medical waste.

True story: I went to hold my friend’s hand during a miscarriage (8 weeks or so, very early) and when I used her toilet, I noticed quite a bit of blood an endometrium in there. Since I knew she was of the “if it’s yellow, let it mellow” water conservation school of thought, I didn’t think anything of it. Only after using the toilet and flushing myself did I go :eek: and realize she might have been saving that. Oops.

She never said anything about it, nor did I.

Sometimes even early miscarriages aren’t complete and so there is this medical procedure:


Which is what was done in my case.

I can honestly say I’ve never thought about this before. I’m also feeling queasy…

If she were saving it, the toilet seems like…kind of a bad place for it.

My mom told me she had a miscarriage between the time my older brother was born and I was born, so basically two years before me. She was on the toilet, fished it out, claims she could tell it was probably a boy, blessed it, said goodbye, and flushed.

Eeeew. Buh-by potential older brother!

Yeah, and she probably wasn’t saving it, but she also wasn’t thinking real clearly at that point, whatwith the grief and all. I just had a panicked moment there of OMG, did I just flush someone’s baby down the toilet? I mean, that’s gotta be at *least *a faux pas, right?

When I had mine at 15 weeks, it had been lingering in my uterus for up to three weeks dead before we knew so they scheduled a D & E and did this thing to make my cervix dilate the night before. They warned me I might just go ahead and expel it and if I did I was to bring it in for, I don’t know, an autopsy. Meanwhile, I expelled it in the hospital because the procedure caused me to go into labor and they did no autopsy. I don’t know what happened to it because I didn’t really care about the mass that would have been a baby someday so much as the idea of a little brother or sister for my son.

That’s the true story of my miscarriage. The myth is this: I started to spot minutes after my husband gave our toddler a terrible hair cut. His little brother died rather than suffer the same fate.
It really was a very bad haircut.

Nowadays, with stem cell research, is it possible that it could contribute to that? As long as a woman gives permission, that is.

:smiley: This made me laugh so hard.

When my wife had hers, we had to collect it and take it in for analysis. She was wiping and got a lump of tissue, which we put in a plastic bag. We stored it in the freezer until we saw the doctor. That was a merry Christmas.

Supposedly, the mother in this current New York City murder trial, against the defendants – mother and stepfather – in the death of 7-year-old Nixmary Brown, kept tissue from a miscarriage in a jar on her dresser.

I hope to Og pregnant Dopers have enough sense to stay out of this thread!

I knew that my mom had had nine pregnancies, three of which miscarried.

During my one and only pregnancy, I experienced some scary bleeding early on, and I remember my mom telling me, in a bizarre “Bleeding? Huh! That’s nuthin’!” kind of way, about expelling what she said looked like “a piece of flank steak” on the kitchen floor.

What in the world did she do with that?!? I was so taken aback by that image I never thought to ask her.

Are you now a vegetarian?
<off to the bad taste section of Hell>

Last year when it become obvious that things weren’t going to work out, she were asked by her doctor to keep the miscarriage if she could. As it turns out, she required a D&C, so the doctor kept it herself.

From my research from last year, for many, if not most miscarriages, there isn’t much there. The embryo has been reassorbed and the egg sac is only about an inch long by the 10th week.

It seems inappropriate to laugh at this, like a giant social blunder, a faux pas of the very worst kind.

But holy shit! That was funny!

Please don’t not laugh on my account. I only tell it because it’s funny.

I just wiped and there it was. I flushed it. I was only about 7 or 8 weeks along.


It smelled different. Not a pleasent smell for me.


Caricci, you’re right. Look at the last guy who got a terrible haircut…

(My condolences on your loss all the same. hugs