What Do People Mean When They Say "Word"?

What do people mean when they say, “word”? It is being used in a special meaning as a new in-word or buzz-word and I don’t know how to use it as I go about keeping up on the latest language styles.

In what context are you talking about?

If you are talking about thread titles such as “Word: Formatting a page” then they are referring to Microsoft Word.

Zev Steinhardt

“Word” indicates that you agree with the person’s statement. A variation is “word to your mother.” It’s been around for quite a while (at least 20 years). It takes a while for African-American slang to make it to the white mainstream.

Back in the 80’s the phrase “word up” appeared. It means “what’s going on” or “what’s the word”.

“Word” (and I’m WAGing big time here) is used as a confirmation of what someone has just said:

Mr. Blue Sky: “Yo, the Straight Dope is fly.”

You: “Word.” (meaning you agree whole-heartedly.

WORD to your Mother!

This is not a new “buzz word”…been around for years. It kind of means, “I agree” or “I approve”. It can also be used as a question, as in “aw word?” meaning “wow, really?”

WORD uo Yo!

Do the kids still say, “Word off, home-slice!”?

Did they ever?

WORD up Yo!

Remember in that movie AIRPLANE where June Cleaver (I mean the actress who played her) comes by and offers to translate what these two people are saying? She says, “I understand jive,” and she talks to them in jive. It’s hilarious.

“Word” is a very versatile word, much like “dude” and “fuck.”

Dude A: Cecil Adams is The Man, man.
Dude B: Word. I agree with your assertion.

Dude A: I just won the lottery!
Dude B: Word! That’s great!

Dude A: Did you know that cantelopes can cause radiation poisoning?
Dude B: Word? Really? That’s fascinating.

Dude A: Word up! Greetings! (Most likely a variation of “what’s up.”

Dude A: I can have those TPS reports to you by thursday, homie.
Dude B: Word. I am satisfied with this verbal exchange.