What do we know about web1000.com?

Anything? I read it and read it and say: for free hosting, this is a dream. Then I read how they can offer it and scratch my head.

Anyone know anything about this?

Be very careful with web1000.com. Potentially, they offer a good service for free, but there have been quite a few horror reports about them when it comes to foreign visitors viewing your site.

The biggest worry is they tend to redirect non US visitors to pop ups or really nasty porn if there is any error on the site.

I used to have a link exchange with a US humour site using web1000.com, but got complaints because any European visitors (including me when I tested it) were sent to a hardcore porn site instead. I thought the guy had sold out his website and my visitors thought I was linking a hardcore website until we investigated and found it was web1000.com!

Basically, if any tiny aspect of the site wasn’t working (say, a small pic) the host would redirect the European visitor to porn, claiming that they might as well advertise since the site wasn’t working.

Having said that, this was almost a year ago so I have no idea if they have changed policy.

I wouldn’t use it for business, but if you just want a personal site then you have nothing to lose when you give it a try. Once you’re set up, feel free to mail me and I will let you know if it is working from the UK.

I found this after a quick search. It sounds familiar!

Wow, thanks Racer1, that is information worth knowing. :eek:

Not that there’s anything wrong with porn, of course…

I’ve used it for a few things and know others who have as well. A few things I’ve noticed:

They DO put an ad on the site after a few months - sending you and email saying “sorry for the change… blah blah… we’re just going to put this little search box on here…”

Framed sites seem to always get pr0n stuck in at least one frame, no matter how careful you are with links and files.

If you have your own domain name, you have to make them the technical contact, etc. Also, when you sign up you have to tell them if your intended audience is Adult with or without Nudity (you’re not actually “allowed” to have a site aimed at minors, regarless of nudity.) If you check WITHOUT nudity, and use your own domain name, they will not redirect you to porn, just to the web1000 main page. Supposedly.