What do we think of Ani DiFranco ?

While I share many of the sentiments expressed in her songs, I really can’t stand her. I tried to like her, but I couldn’t. She is a wonderful poet, but she has been unsuccessful in adding music to the lyrics. When I listen to the songs, it’s like listening to someone talking to you in a noisy bar, while a terrible garage band plays a song in the background. There’s just no harmony (no pun) between the lyrics and the music.

Huh. So why didn’t you come to Vegas-dope, you punk, London_Calling? Huh, huh?

You should come this year. Yeah.

—There’s just no harmony (no pun) between the lyrics and the music.—

The reality is, like most music, it took me time to grow accustomed to how it works, and appreciate it. Not everything works in exactly the same way, nor should it.

There used to be a time when I had exactly the same criticism of most rock and roll, snuffily preffering the more sophisticated stylings of Billy Joel. (I think I was about 10)

I’m a fan, though not a rabid one… There’s little I can say that hasn’t already been said, though I will say that I heard her do a great cover of “When Doves Cry” on a CD made at one of her concerts in Japan.

And Jillicious; I think a musician named Tracy Bonham did that song “Mother, Mother”. I’ll double check.