What do you call a fart on fire?

Over drinks and trivia questions the other night, myself and several other Dopers were discussing the recent invasion of the Blue Angels precision flying team to the Seattle area. Stupidly opening my mouth, I commented that any respect I might have had for the pilots’ abilities was unfortunately negated by the fact that every time I heard the name “Blue Angel,” all I could think of was drunken university students, lying on their back, holding a lighter to their ass.

Instead of the anticipated slight chuckles and murmured agreement, I was somewhat concerned to discover that all of my companions’ faces bore looks of complete and utter incomprehension.

“You know,” I stammered, “lighting your farts. Blue angels. What every self-respecting drunken student does when the evening starts winding down.” The looks went from incomprehension to concern as everyone’s assessment of my sanity began to go from bad to worse.

Obviously, they had absolutely no idea what I was blathering on about and I was completely gobsmacked to find that the term “blue angel” was not universal. Being an immigrant to this country, most opined that it was a “Canadian” thing. ‘Cuz y’know…that’s what we do up there. Sit around guzzling maple syrup, lighting our farts and naming them after American stunt pilots. :wink:

At any rate, it was decided that this was a perfect topic for discussion on the boards. Help me out here, folks. What do you call a lit fart? And is this a regional thing? Help me regain the respect of my fellow Seattle Dopers!

Can’t say I ever heard a term for it; it’s just “lighting a fart.” And those Seattle Dopers must never have watched the South Park movie, where this happens - but it’s a couple Canadians who inspire the kids of South Park to try it!

What do you call a fart on fire?

A burning bush?

Going to college in Indiana, ‘blue angel’ was the accepted term for a lit fart, no matter what the color was when burning. A lot are actually yellow when lit; blue indicates a high concentration of methane.

A worthwhile read…

I’ve never heard a term for it, but it might be fun to come up with a few.

Some nominations. . .

St. Smellmo’s Fire

New Jersey Sunrise

Hershey Inferno

Flaming Taint

Colon Glow

Asshola Borealis

Well Aguecheek it’s not exactly as favorite pasttime around here. Although I have heard of a few incidents or accidents where an occasional drunk wound up with his cheeksAglow :eek:

If I were a medical man I’d suggest pyroflatus :smiley:

Isn’t Colophon a coating that Dow invented to ensure the flames don’t shoot back up the canal?

In my house it’s always been called a Blue Flame.

Close, but no cigar.

I am a Canuck, and I have heard the Blue Angel name for fart-lighting too.

Grilled cheese

Blue Darts. (Caution: Not to be combined with holy jeans.)

Hoop scorcher?

Whizzing & pasting & pooting through the day . . .
(Ronnie helping Kenny helping burn his poots away!)
And all the while on a shelf in the shed:

Ronnie’s in the Army now & Kenny’s taking pills
Oh! How they yearn to see a bomber burn!
Color flashing, thunder crashing, dynamite machine!
(Wait till the fire turns green . . . wait till the fire turns green)

Well, according to the Mothers of Invention they burn green.

Green Thunder, maybe?


My fair colon

Thunder in Paradise (look at those farts, ooooo they kill mice)

The secret of Debbie’s age reduction program

J- Lo gonna smoke all you LA hoods

Whatcha gonna do when you start smellin poo? BAD BOYZ BAD BOYZ

My secret erection problem (shorthand anagram MESP)

Fuck YOU, Smell my POO

It’s all too tight on the waterfront

San Jose got another opening

Oh Homer Jay, Boy you made my ass sway!

I’m coming with the smell of fire and methane

Smoke dat bitch!

Pimpin ain’t eaaazy - but here’s something for the smell

Can you light the way—> to San Jose? la la la la la

Smellin my bitches? No, that’s RightGuard Protection

Sorry, ain’t got a lighter. But something up my ass should do it!

Anybody want a smokin Kleenex?

Days of Thunder & Pungency


Gonna take care of those anal itches once and for all

Who’s afraid of Virginia’s Woolf?


It’s kinda sorta bothering me that it appears that most of you are getting creative and coming up with funny names…and I actually seriously had a term that I use.

Good gravy, what does that say about me? :frowning:

scout, don’t worry. I get sorta annoyed when that happens, too… the same kinda annoyed when people clearly try to guess or rationalize answers in GQ instead of doing research and citing references.

But then, we’re all guilty of the above in some form or another, so I don’t complain.

Anyway, back OT:

There was a 70’s teen comedy movie that had a story thread involving one kid who was dying to get into this clique called “The Blue Flames.” When he finally got invited to one of thier outings, which usually took place at the drive in or lover’s lane or something, he was shocked to learn that their “schtick” was fart lighting… thus their name.

Good movie… forgotten title. Way too long since I’ve seen it.

But “Blue Flames” is the only name I’ve heard that wasn’t coined on the spot, too.

Richard Simmons?

Flaming + Fart = Flart