What do you call flatware without the smaller forks and spoons?

Manners, schmanners. If I just want a flatware/utensil set with uniform-looking spoons, forks, and knives, what is that called? All the ones I could find online include the useless smaller forks and spoons, which just take up room.

Ikea has sets with just one size fork and spoon: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/40193474/

Interesting cultural difference by the way. Where the US and Norway (and probably other nations as well) have the same sets, the components differ. The US has sets with small forks, the matching Norwegian sets don’t:


Hmm, thank you! Sadly there is no Ikea within 5 hours, and I was hoping for an all-metal utensil anyhow.

And yes, interesting difference. If there are any sane countries that use just the generic three (spoon, knife, fork), that could help with searches :slight_smile:

Target sells boxes of silverware that include only one utensil - a box of 8 forks, a box of 8 spoons, etc. You can go there and pick out exactly what you want. Cheap, too.

Not everyone calls it ‘flatware’ either - try including ‘cutlery’ in your searches.

At Target you can buy spoons, knives, forks separately. $10 for 6, each.

Or, you know, you could get a set for ~$40 and just remove what you don’t want. Rubber band the rest together and drop off at a charity shop. Or make something. :slight_smile:

Edit: Beaten, lightly, by a Greek goddess…

… or send the smaller forks to me. I prefer them over the large ones.

Does "3 piece flatware set " help since you only want the 3 main pieces?

For example:

However it does look like you get a lot of weird stuff (baby sets; bamboo…) with that search term.

What I have found is that those are usually of lesser quality and highly bendable compared to the full sets.

Compare prices, may be better to buy the full sets and ditch what you don’t want.

That’s not what I found at all. The ones I bought are not the most fancy forks, but they are definitely very solid and decent quality. There’s no way on earth anyone’s gonna bend them unless they run over them with a car or go after them with a chainsaw.

Target definitely has cheaper ones, but I don’t think I paid more than $20 or so for 8 forks. Really, quality-wise, they’re no different than the set I paid a couple hundred bucks for a long time ago. Plainer, but just as sturdy.

I can see having no use for salad forks, but I’ve never considered just table spoons, no teaspoons. But now that I consider it, I could get by without them.

If you want a 3 piece set that’s unique (and somewhat pricey) check out this flatware from CB2.

Also ugly as sin.

“Uniform flatware.”

I have almost the opposite, all teaspoons except for one tablespoon. I don’t know how that happened, but if I had to have one or the other I would take the smaller ones.

Salad forks are also fish forks but but silly IMHO as the regular forks seek to work just fine here.

It’s still called flatware or silverware. What matters is how you search. I have found that looking in multiples of 3 helps (for instance 12-piece, service for 4).
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