What do you do funny?

Martin Sheen famously puts on his jacket funny. Apparently he does this because his left arm has a limited range of motion.

I get on a bike funny. I swing my foot forward over the bar, not backward over the seat. I learned to do it this way over the course of half a dozen or so years carrying a succession of toddlers on a rear mounted baby seat, thus avoiding kicking them in the face every time I got on a bike.

What do you do funny?

I fold clothes weird according to everyone whose ever watched me do it. My Daddy taught all us kids to fold clothes the way he taught his Marine recruits ( he was a drill instructor in the corps) . Basically you fold everything in the air…no table folding… it takes longer, supposedly. I do alot of chores in the corps way. I was raised in a bootcamp, apparently.

I have the “wrong” pencil grip - my thumb is on top of my forefinger when I write. My parents made fun of me about it when I was a kid, but if I hold a pencil the “proper” way, it feels all wrong. Whatever other people do, my grip is right for me.

So does my dentist. I noticed it when he wrote my Rx. I think a lot of people do that.

I ride with my bicycle seat way too low. It just doesn’t feel right to me if I can’t have both feet flat on the ground while stationary.

I play guitar in a half-assed quasi-Open tuning a lot of the time.

Since Honky Tonk Woman, Keith Richards writes a majority of songs in Open G tuning. Famously preps a favorite Telecaster by taking off the low E (chords are built off the bass note on the A string, now retuned to G). Of the remaining 5 strings, 2 get retuned. From EADGBE to xGDGBD. If you keep your six strings then you also detune the low E down to D.

Yeah, fuck that. ;).

I’m gigging. I have no guitar tech handing me a vintage Tele set up perfectly. I gotta get from Brown Sugar and be ready to play Blister in the Sun immediately.

So I started playing in what I call Cheater’s G.

Just tried it one day and haven’t looked back. I just detune the A string down to G. That’s it. I use my thumb over the top to deaden the low E. I use the fleshy bits of my fingers, curling up to meet the fingerboard, to deaden the high E. Play the middle four strings and you have Keef’s Open G for chords. And with the high E still in standard tuning, the notes are all in the right place for leads and such. I use it maybe a third of the time I play. Zep’s Trampled Under Foot sounds badass this way.

When I mention Cheater’s G, some other players just shrug and say “oh yeah, I do that too - never really thought about it” but that’s rare. (And they like the name, but have never heard it - because I made it up). Mostly guys screw up their faces and look at me funny. They hear and see it working for me - I do a mean Can’t You Hear Me Knockin - but can’t fathom trying it themselves. But it is so damn *practical. *

I wear open-toed shoes funny because of the way my foot/toes are shaped. With my feet, there’s my big toe, then a big gap between the big toe and the first toe, then my next three toes are all pretty close together, then another gap, and then my little toe.

This is kind of hard to describe without pictures, so I pulled a random one off the Internet. Take a shoe like this one, for example. Since most people don’t have a gap between their little toe and other toes, they wear the shoe with all of their toes at the top. But since there’s a gap between my little toe and the other toes, it’s more comfortable for me to poke my little toes out through one of the side straps on the shoe.

Or, if the sides are open, like with a flip-flop where there’s just one band, then I let my little toe hang off the side.

Not sure I do anything all that unusually.

I don’t have a mouse for my PC, I only ever use my Wacom tablet for everything. Which means I have no middle-click or scroll button, and have to fiddle with settings for apps that expect certain kinds of mouse-movement, like FPS games. Sometimes that sucks, but only about 5% of the time.

I used to walk funny. For some reason, when I was a kid, instead of putting my heel down first when I took a step, I’d put the toe/ball part of my foot down first, then the heel. This gave me a slight bobbing up and down motion when I walked that other kids at school made fun of. So I had to train myself to walk like other people, thinking “heel-toe, heel-toe” whenever I walked until it came natural.

I also would walk on the balls of my feet almost exclusively when I was barefoot, the way animals do- when you see a dog or a cat’s back legs it looks like thier knees are bent backwards, but that’s actually what would be our ankle, and their paws are the equivalent of our toes/ balls of our feet. I think I still do it now sometimes when I’m barefoot, and to this day I have extremely well-defined calf muscles :slight_smile:

Talking of kids at school making fun of you. I got picked on once because my head doesn’t bob up and down when I use stairs. My head just seems to glide in a straight line and my peers found this odd. Really scraping the barrel there to find an excuse to give me a hard time though. So for most of my school years I would run up and down stairs to hide it. But it’s just the natural way I use stairs. I didn’t have deportment lessons and walk around balancing a pile of books on my head or anything.

I do too. The pen is nestled in the webbing between my thumb and forefinger, with my forefinger on top of the pen. The pad of my thumb is not on the pen at all…it’s actually touching the knuckle of my forefinger. The pen itself rests against my middle finger.

It looks like this is called the lateral tripod.

Toe walking? That’s a recognised ‘thing’ - often goes with ASD, or just short tendons

I can’t think of any personal examples, although I’m sure I have some.

So instead, I’ll offer this video of Will Riker sitting in chairs.

I’ve been told that I smell funny.

Excellent User name/subject matter pair.

I am reliably informed that I tie my shoes wrong, by which I mean that I am sarcastically mocked by my beloved wife. The end result is the same- that standard shoelace knot with two big loops, whatever it’s called- but apparently you’re not supposed to put down the lace making the left side of the initial “X” to free up both sets of fingers to make and hold the first loop.

This was actually sort of amusing to me to learn, because I seem to have a congenital inability to tie knots. Not only was I very late to learn how to tie my shoes at all, but I was literally driven to tears by the knot-tying unit in Cub Scouts and, in my first “real” job after college, was also sarcastically mocked by my smartass co-workers for the difficulties I had tying off one specialty thing inside another, as was required for a periodic task. I expect my folks were just simply relieved that I’d finally figured out how to tie my shoes at all and just thought “Eff it, close enough” despite seeing my poor technique.

Interesting! I did use to be very shy and socially awkward as a kid. I mostly got over it, but I have wondered at times whether I may be somewhere on the spectrum.

On the other hand, I’ve never been able to touch my toes, so maybe it could be the short tendon thing.

This is pretty hilarious. :smiley: I’m picturing all those toddlers ducking (if you mounted the bike the regular way) as your leg comes over. Good thing they’re wearing helmets!

I probably do things funny, but since I live alone, there’s no one to tell me. A couple of times I’ve gone out in the world with my shirt inside out and kind strangers have informed me. I tend to leave shirts and tops inside out until I put them on to minimize dog and cat hair on them. Sometimes I forget to turn them right side out.

I realized in like Grade 6 that I hold a pencil (or pen or whatever) funny - it rests on my right ring finger and my index and middle fingers are bent on top of the pencil. Maybe that’s not actually weird but it seems like it should be.

Depends on what you find “funny.” When I try to use chopsticks, it makes some people laugh, others weep.