What do you do that is really odd?

I rub my feet together when I am trying to sleep. Some say I do while I am sleeping. It is really odd, and I don’t know why I do it.

Occasionally, for reasons that aren’t entirely clear, my sinuses will whistle. When this happens I will march around the house all day unconsciously whistling “Do You Know the Muffin Man” through my nostrils.

I laugh in my sleep. All the time - at least a couple times a week, according to the Mrs.

I fart in candle stores. I find it highly amusing.

Old Lady: This doesn’t smell like sugar cookies…

Stccrd, you could have a mild case of Restless Legs Syndrome. I sometimes have to rub my feet together so I can fall asleep.

I dress up in armour and hit my friends really hard with big sticks, and after we fall down dead, we go drink beer and sing bawdry songs.

Ahhh…the joys of Valhalla…

I vote for liberal candidates …

I repeat words in conversation, like a stutter but I don’t notice it. as soon as I start a role in a play or use my ‘Announcer Voice Tm’ it disappears completely.

I do the feet-rubbing thing too.

I brush my teeth and sit or lie down in the shower.

I make up little songs all the time. For instance – about a dark stairwell in a movie theatre parking lot, I sang to the tune of “Alouette”:

Lots of blow jobs
Surreptitious blow jobs
Lots of blow jobs
Are given on these stairs

I make up little dances too. Especially booty-shaking ones. Music from commercials is good for this.

I only eat Doritos with sour cream, and make peanut butter and sugar sandwiches. Given the opportunity (meaning if no one’s watching) I can eat a whole 8-oz block of cheddar cheese in one sitting.

When my son’s impudent or smart-assed…I secretly kinda dig it. I like his innate questioning of authority. Especially when it’s in a funny way.

I don’t rub my feet together before I sleep, but back and forth across the bed. But I can remember when I started doing this - my parents’ house was always cold and it was a way to warm up the sheets so my feet weren’t so cold. Now it’s just habit.

And the cheese thing - that’s unusual? I don’t do it in front of anyone either though. What’s even better? Grated cheddar at room temperature.

Wow Gundy I think I just got my first SDMB crush.

I pop my neck while walking, not just a little pop. My head shakes like it’s a dog trying to dry himself off, this causes me to lose balance and stumble a bit as well as catch an odd look or two from passersby.

I pay 90+ dollars a month for cable and watch less than a half hour a day.

I play Yu-Gi-Oh with my 7 year old cousin, and I like it :P.

I like to purposely transpose the initial letters of two or more words or syllables, just to see how it would sound. (Straight Dope, Date Strope!) I try not to do it out loud (lout "Ow!"ed) unless I’m all by myself (mall sigh by elf). People find it annoying.

I have to sleep with my feet hanging over the edge of the bed.

I love tomato soup, tomato sauces… anything with tomatoes in it…but I cannot eat a tomato.

Ditto strawberries or any other fruit with itty bitty seeds.

I like eating butter. Fresh from the farm, cold.

And the cheese thing? Gimme swiss.

I will often read things I see on TV or road signs backwards just to see how funny it sounds.

You’d be the first here. I’m flattered! Don’t worry, though; if you met me, the feeling would go away soon enough. :slight_smile:

Lsura, I didn’t think it was odd until people were repulsed by my cheese eating habits.

I’m not sure if you were being modest, or insulting my virility. :wink:

I’m a compulsive blood donor, I like the way the needle feels. (Hopefully that won’t lead to a serious masochist fetish and a gimp costume.)

I unconsciously build up a fortress of half empty glasses on my computer desk (think Signs).

Unless going to a job interview I wear my house shoes even when otherwise dressed up.

I rub my feet across the bed when I’m going to sleep too! I do it without thinking and don’t even notice unless my husband points it out. I’ve done it since I was a baby, so my mother tells me.

I have mild OCD so I do all kinds of odd things. For example, if I buy something new, like a picture frame or piece of furniture, I absolutely MUST clean the entire room the object will go in before I can put it in there.

I wear sandals in the yard even in freezing temperatures. I have even been known to walk around in snow that way. I guess it’s just too much of an effort to put on the proper footwear if I am just going to feed the dog or take out the trash.

I always have to wear nail polish. I hate looking at my nails without it. The area under the nail bed gets all bright pink when I type or write or put pressure on my fingers, and it’s icky.

I never wear socks that match my clothes. Ever. I don’t own a pair of white socks. I don’t own a pair of plain colored socks. All of my socks have animals or patterns or flowers or some sort of design on them.

I wear sandals in the winter. With my funky non matching socks. In the snow.

I have an absolute faith that my car is an all-terrain vehicle. I will drive it in grass, in dirt, over curbs, through the woods, everywhere. I drive a 94 Plymouth Sundance. That has 110,000 miles on it. It could fall apart if I breath on it the wrong way.

I meow back when kitties meow. Any cat that meows. (I work at an animal hospital. There are a lot of cats and kittens that come in and meow. So I meow quite a bit. At work.)

I write down which outfit I wore to work on Mon., Wed. and Fri. (two campuses, five different classes, two meet twice a week, three others meet once a week) so that I don’t repeat an outfit–at least not too soon.

Am I freakish?

When I remember something embarassing, I have an odd habit of exclaiming aloud, even when I’m alone. I don’t use the same word all the time; it’s always something completely random.