What do you do when a bunch of kids hit your daughter with a snowball? Whack 'em

Nothing like a drive-by to even the score!

It’s touching to find a parent so protective of his child. :eek:

I heard this on the radio this morning. I have no words to describe how fucked up it is.

Jesus H. Christ! Someone’s got serious rage issues. I hope they fry him.

Come on now, let’s not rush to judgment until we know all the facts…nah, we can rush on this one. Unfucking believable.

WTF is wrong with people?

That Dar Williams sure sings pretty!

Fagjunk Theology: Not just for sodomite propagandists anymore.

I hope the little girl who was shot turns out okay. Mostly so I won’t feel so guilty for finding this hilarious.

Figures it’s Philly. Back in the last blizzard people were getting shot over shovelled parking spaces. It’s a badass town, I lived there ten years.
Stupid world. It is a shame innocent kids get caught in it.

I feel the same way. If it wasn’t real, it would be an SNL skit. It has this quality of over-the-top black humor.

Gee, what a great example to set for your kid.

Boyo Jim, “black humor”??

Yeah, black humor. Dark comedy. Like Very Bad Things or something.

Oh MAN, that is seriously fucked up.

Sounds like these people were hit in the head with snowballs a few too many times.

That is just fucking psychotic.


no words.

Miller, your comment has inspired me to start another thread, The Inappropriate humor poll.

I bet they learned their lesson.

Stop it Shagnasty, you’re making me laugh inappropriately.

This is what blows me away…
“Best returned to the scene several hours later and fired the shots,”

3 plus hours and he’s still blistering.