The inappropriate humor poll

Inspired by my own Pit thread, “What do you do when a bunch of kids hit your daughter with a snowball? Whack 'em”, and Miller who articulated my own immediate reaction to the story:

Objectively, it’s a horrible story, nothing at all to laugh about. But if you can mentally eliminate the human tragedy, it’s an SNL skit that might have me ROFL.

How many of you do the same? Do you have second thoughts about your own reaction?

What about those of you who DON’T do the same? Are the rest of us really sick puppies to you?

Its like dead baby jokes… Morbid… Disturbing… You’d be sickened to actually see the situation that is being joked about… But you just can’t help cracking up hearing one.
/me ducks for the unavoidable flames that shall soon come my way.

Just curious as to what could possibly be in this OP to justify a 28:1 view to reply ratio. Now it’s about 29:2. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Comming from said Pit Thread, yep I find it hilliarious after taking out that some moron actually shot at a kid, truth stranger than fiction indeed.

Well clayton_e you wont have to grill alone, I find dead baby jokes funny as hell too. Whats worse than one dead…

To quote Mel Brooks, “Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die.” We laugh at these kinds of things as a defense mechanism, because we fear them yet have no control over them. It’s funny because it’s horrible and sad but there’s nothing we can do to change that. If I couldn’t laugh at this kind of thing, I’d run out of any human feeling pretty quickly.

Sometimes you just can’t help it.

Like getting the giggles at a funeral. Whem my grandmother died years ago, a bunch of us cousins started fooling around in the funeral home, pushing each other into a dark cold-storage room. For some reason the door was left unlocked, someone took a peek and that was the game for the whole afternoon. Someone in the “know” would open the door, wonder out loud “Hey, what’s in here?” Innocent victim came over to see, and got shoved in with the coffins. Hilarity ensued.

The thing is, doing the above isn’t even that funny. It was more of a relief to be able to laugh after all the long hours we all spent at the hospital, taking turns keeping her company. And the years before that worrying about her as she deteriorated, etc.

It’s just part of human nature and a fairly healthy response in some cases, IMO.

Similar to people’s reaction to the shots on America’s Funniest Videos. Granny slips on the ice, and lands hard on her behind – damn that’s funny! Hope she didn’t break a hip!