Ellen Cherry, question about the jokes in the Dark Knight shooting thread.



Is there a rule that says one can’t make humorous posts about certain topics until a certain amount of time passes? And how long is this amount of time to be? I mean, your idea of ‘sick humor’ may be a simple case of black humor to me.

Every time someone indulges in that kind of humor, it seems someone comes along to express outrage, OUTRAGE!, that one can make such a joke.

Really? Because people joke about AIDS and starving kids in Africa and those things are happening all the time, even as we speak. So, is it ok to joke about those things, but we have to wait an allotted time before making jokes about theater shootings?

Whys it gotta be black humor?

That was a ruling? It looked like a polite request.

It just seems to me the decent thing to do, in a MPSIMS thread. The BBQ Pit is always available, I think, for all manner of tastelessness.

Weird you should ask that. I also asked that. In the very first line of my OP.

It’s good to know that it is just a polite request, though. I wouldn’t want posters to hold back the funnies under the idea that it’s against the rules to make morbid jokes outside of the pit. I rather enjoy that kind of humor.

Thanks for the response, Ellen. I guess I don’t hang out in MPSIMS enough to have the culture down.

I thought mods enforced the board rules not decency?

I have no problem with your opinion as a poster. I think it should have been a mod hat off thing.

If it’s your opinion. Fine, we all have 'em.

If the thread was “My cousin was shot at the Batman Screening”. Sure, I understand holding off on the dark humor in a thread like that.

But this is an omnibus thread about the events and any moderator edict regarding humor is asinine and needs to be removed immediately.

I thought Ellen Cherry was okay in asking folks to tone it down. I don’t see an issue- unless you want one.

Yes, no actual rules were being broken. I’m sorry; I guess this is overstepping my moderator authority. Say what you will about the situation, then!

I’ll say something to this effect in the thread.

I’m all for gallows humor, but I also believe there is such a thing as “too soon” and** Beastly Rotter **making those jokes only a few hours after the event, while a 3-month old baby who’d been shot was still being treated, is fucking disgusting.

I’m no opponent of morbid humor but there is such a thing as “too soon.” Mainly, I’m just getting really tired of these assholes.

(Senseless mass murderers, I mean. Not Doper comedians.)

We are a public message board, and it’s entirely possible that people who are directly affected by this will eventually find their way onto the board. I’d personally rather they not see people making goofy puns about their loved ones being slaughtered, a few hours after it happened.

ETA: beaten to the punch by Mr. Ducca.

Oh, so what’s the timeline for appropriateness? 5 hours? 2 days? 4 years? :rolleyes:

I don’t believe in ‘too soon’. I think some of the best comedy comes from ‘too soon’, in fact.

And tragedy is constant. Like I said, folks are dying of AIDS all the time, but AIDS jokes are fine. If a baby gets shot in an event that makes for sensational news though, it isn’t ok to joke.

After the body count is finalized seems like a good rule of thumb to me.

This seems like a random rule of thumb.

If you don’t give a shit about how people view your so-called attempts at “humor” after something like this, feel free to start making jokes as soon as the bullets start flying. Just don’t expect many people to line up for congratulatory high-fives.

Anything can be joked about, including something like this, or rape, or abortion, etc… IF IT’S FUNNY. The sooner you attempt to make this kind of joke, the higher the bar is for what constitutes “funny” and I don’t think anyone here, especially you, are in any danger of reaching the level of hilarity required to pull it off.

Bob, I haven’t made any jokes. The jokes in the thread made me laugh.


I don’t believe in too soon. I also listen to comedians like Jim Norton, Louis CK and Patrice O’Neil (rip). I also believe in not stifling conversation as much as possible. It takes a lot to disgust me. Ymmv.

I think this is wrong. Most people have a “too soon.” Maybe you don’t, and that’s cool, but there is a threshold limit for most people before which jokes about a particular subject are probably not going to be funny.

I mean, if you said that there’s no topic that is off-limits for comedy, then I would agree with you. But to say that there’s no such thing as “too soon” - well, for most people there is, and it’s going to be different for everyone, but I am not going to harsh on the mods for telling people to chill out with the comedy when we’re still on the first page of a thread about an ongoing tragedy where babies got shot.

Edit: I am not going on the warpath about this or anything. I just don’t think Ellen Cherry did anything out of line.