What do you do when you can,t sleep??

I,ve not been 2 bed in two days str8. I,ve been taking care of my son who,s terribly sick and doesn,t look like he,s getting much better. I have to worry about losing my job if I,m not back in a week. I don,t trust my b/f to take care of Sonny. I want to switch shifts so my best mate can take care of him after work. But I doubt that my boss will allow that. I,ve got every thing running through my mind at once. I feel like I,m going bonkers!

I,m not asking 4 sympathy, I just thought a reason was in order.

What do you do to get things off ur mind and what do you do 2 get to sleep?

First off sorry about the crap that is goin’ down for you. Life blows sometimes damn I know that! Anyways I do a variety of different things to take my mind off my troubles. Books are good, music helps, a nice hot bath, just veggin’ out in front of the tube, and of course chocolate. Damn I’m starting to sound feminine! Seriously though I just do the one thing that I enjoy more than anything else. Do that and you’ll be feelin’ better.

When I can’t sleep, I try and entertain Tassie.

Were I you, I would spend my waking hours studying the usage of the English language.

I generally sit in front of my computer late into the night until I start dozing off. Then I know its time to catch some Z’s.

A little meditation and some controlled breathing helps too.

And LouisB, this person was just asking for advice, your little flame, however founded, was completely unnecessary. Were you trying to be funny?

Thank you Mighty Tiki God! A nice hot bath will probably help a lot for tension!

Thank you blur! That really means a lot to me!
:::: wipes tear from eye :::::

Thank you LouisB. I,ll try and keep that in mind.

Thank you DVous Means! All I get from doing that is a head ache, lol.

And that you very, very much Simetra! I think that might do the trick, maybe.

Thank you all again!!!

Tassie, I don’t know about you, but I always feel a little sleepy after sex. How about you drop me a line and we’ll see what we can work out to help me, er, YOU get some sleep. :wink:

I go to #straightdope chat or lie in bed staring at the ceiling or masturbate. I’ve done two of these simultaneously, but I won’t say which ones. :smiley:

I take 300 mgs. of Melatonin. It’s a natural sleep aid that is stocked in most vitamin sections.An added benefit is that I generally have pleasant dreams.

No, I wasn’t trying to be funny. I think I gave her good advice. After all, she did ask for hints as to how to occupy her time when she couldn’t sleep.

NO! I asked what would help relieve tension and what would help me get to sleep!

I was probably flippant. When I am unable to sleep, I get out of bed and either work or study. I am lucky in that I am a telecommuter and have access to my work material at any time. As to the study part of it, I have to admit that it is limited to my field of employment.