what do you do with a shrunken chocolate?

yo ho. or uh oh. anyway…

since this is sorta culinary-related, i assume CS is the proper place – otherwise, standard “Mods pls fix and don’t hit me” disclaimer applies.

i’ve got a box of mixed chocolates that are, shall we say, well-aged. they definitely aren’t tasty enough to eat as-is anymore. but i hate to throw away food, and it’s not exactly as if they have spoiled. what to do, what to do?

is there anything or anyway to reclaim these forlorn bits of former chocolately bliss? can you successfully melt down a candy that is a chocolate coating over a sort of/once was chocolate creme-type center? the box is split between milk and dark coatings. i can’t quite remember if all the fillings match the coatings, or if they’re all milk chocolate, or dark, or… (but i can always do some CSI-type investigations to find out. :slight_smile: )

anyone have any suggestions, ideas, diabolical schemes, etc.?

I had this precise problem yesterday. I bought a box of chocolate-covered cherries which were marked 50% off, and I soon discovered the reason why. All the chocolate had gone whitish and icky, and the syrupy insides had evaporated to sticky muck.

Here’s how I solved the problem: I left the open box in our lunchroom. One hour later, all the chocolates were gone. Voila.

teela, do you work here in my office? :eek:

i recently got rid of an entire box of low-carb bars that tasted pretty awful that way. (i was shocked to discover the box was empty by lunchtime.)

unfortunately, i suspect that even the army ant horde that occupies this building might shun this box of former confections.

I work in a small office, so the lunchroom method might not work for me. I’d throw them to the racoons in the back yard. They took care of half a can of aged pineapple chunks and a box of shriveled strawberries for me yesterday.

Weird how that office lunchroom thing works, isn’t it? It even works on me when I put the questionable snacks out myself! I will eat any nasty thing so long as I am on the clock. :slight_smile:

well, maybe i’ll give it the ol’ college try anyhoo. but i think i’ll wait until Monday, when more bodies have actually come in, and their psychic resistance is lowest.
>> insert evil cackles here <<

As long as the chockies are adequately described, I don’t see a problem. :smiley: :smiley:

stick 'em in the fridge for awhile (so the centers firm up even more… cut then up, and toss them into a cheesecake.

Cheesecake makes everything taste good.