What do you do with chicken wing tips?

Chicken wings: delicious. There’s the drumette, the wingette, and the tip, or the “fatty, the flatty, and the nub,” depending on which terminology you prefer, but that’s not the question.

What do you do with the wing tip?

They go into the gallon ziploc living in the freezer along with the other bones, bits and scraps, and eventually become stock.

If they’re fried crispy, you can just eat the bone in the tip.

Feed them to my dogs, along with the rest of the chicken.

Great minds think a like. Me, too.

This. Same with necks, backs, and other assorted body parts.

Isn’t it terribly bad to feed your dogs chicken bones because they’ll crack and make them choke?

Only if they’re cooked. (The chicken, not the dogs. I’m fairly certain it doesn’t much matter what you feed to cooked dogs. ;))

Really? My dog loves chicken wings, and I spend ages de-boning them for her dinner.
Can I just throw her the entire wings, or are only the tips OK?

I eat em. The skins the best part. If I ever win the lottery I am going to start up a chicken SKIN franchise. Baked, broiled, and fried chicken skin. None of that pesky white meat or dark meat. Lets just cut to the chase here.

Yeah, just give it to her whole.


Save them for the chicken to wear on special occassions.

They are crucial to some rather esoteric sexual practices.

Voted “something else,” because it depends on what I’m doing with the bird.

If I’m roasting it, the wing tips are essential because I use them to tuck under the skin. Cutting a small slit in the skin of the body and tucking the tip of the wing into it positions the wings nicely so they stay near the body and don’t flop around to get overcooked.

For fried chicken, I keep them in place because there’s no point in removing them.

If I’m boiling the chicken in preparation for making something else, I discard them. In this case, I’m usually removing the skin, and it’s nearly impossible to get the skin off of the wing tip. It’s not worth keeping them for stock – they mostly render out as fat anyway, yielding just that much more fat I have to scoop off of the stock after it cools.

I throw them out. They’re all skin (no meat that I’ve ever been able to find) and I don’t eat the skin of the rest of the chicken.

I eat them. In this order:
Hand/fingers first. No matter how many wings I order I ALWAYS pull and eat all the hand/finger parts from each one first.
Next, the forearm, of each wing…
Finally, the upper arm of each one.

This post makes me want to call in an order for 12 of Pelicano’s broasted chicken wings tomorrow! :smiley: