What do you do with your extra $10/$20 a day?

I don’t mean to rag on smokers, Starbucks lovers or anything else you may buy daily, but since I don’t have a buy something daily habit, I sometimes tell myself I have an extra $10/$20 a day to spend and splurge a little on lunch, $15 instead of $5 or have two donuts instead of one.

What do you do with your “extra” money?

My WHAT?? At this awful spending time of the year? If I actually had that privilege of an extra five bucks, maybe rent a movie. That happened in 2015, last time I recall. :smiley:

No smoking, very few Starbucks, and for me I brought lunch to work instead of eating in the cafeteria, where I probably would have eaten too much at 4x the cost of bringing lunch. Plus I could spend the time at my desk reading the Dope.
What did I do with it? Put it in my retirement account (post-tax) where it let me retire without money worries. Not the only reason for this, but the general philosophy of saving instead of spending uselessly really paid off.

Never smoked, never learned to like coffee, pretty much never drink alcohol - and pretty much never have extra $$$. Life always seems to find a way to suck up any extra cash I might have.

Just because this is the Dope -------- hookers and blow.

Seems like you have a “buy lunch on a daily basis” habit. Bring lunch from home and save extra money.

A pack of cigs is about 7 euro here, which is close to what I use on food per day. So I guess not smoking means I get to eat. Which is great since if I try to go without food I get these terrible withdrawal symptoms.

I definitely indulge in splurges, but not daily ones.

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I’m saving up money for a down payment on a new vehicle. Occasionally if I notice a little breathing room in the checking account, that gets moved into the Down Payment bucket.

I have a 7-eleven coffee refill habit, which costs me $2 a day.

The remainder is spent on food and/or library books, which our local libraries sell for 25 to 50 cents each. I get to support the library and good reads on the cheap Makes me feel really good.

Yeah, the OP doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t have ‘extra money’. I have a ‘budget’.

Screw cigarettes. I don’t have alimony or child support. That saves me way more money.

What do I spend it on? I don’t, I put it in the bank where I can lose all of it with one medical problem. God bless America.

The OP makes sense to me. My sister and brother-in-law do have a daily habit of Starbucks. I asked them once what the cost was: about $7.00 for both of them. I have no idea how they would answer the OP but my answer would be “save it.”

Save it. Retiring at 60 will make it worthwhile.

I don’t really have any daily spending habits, other than I’ve learned that I tend to forget my lunch stuff if I take it, so I buy my lunch most days. It’s rarely so high, but for the sake of argument, let’s say I spend $10 every day.

So if I decided to bring my lunch, I imagine that money not being spent would just remain in the checking account and end up spent on something else. It’s nice to think that I’d save it, but I know that it would fall in the category of checking money not spent, and would probably contribute to a greater sense of financial well being, but that’s about it.

Now if I got an extra $140 per paycheck ($10 a day = $3650/yr = $140 bi-weekly), then I imagine I’d actually allocate more to savings as a result, since it would be more of a matter of just adding to the amount that gets added to the savings account direct deposit.

Give it time. Eventually you’ll get over the withdrawal


I wish I had $100 left over every paycheck! :stuck_out_tongue:

After I posted, I thought the way I worded it would be confusing. I don’t eat out every day, but since I’m single, it’s sometimes cheaper to spend $5-10 for a meal (I usually only eat lunch), versus going to the market and letting what I bought go to waste because I forgot about it.

I usually cook only on the weekends and when possible freeze what I make. Plus, being Asian, having rice (ideally fresh) with my meal is almost a must and since it takes about an hour to cook a fresh pot (have to let it rest after cooking), I don’t want to do it daily.

When I want to splurge a little, I justify it by telling myself that it’s okay because I don’t have a daily habit that would cost me $10-$20 every day.

I don’t think of it as “extra” money, since it’s not money I would have spent in the first place.

Not for nothing, my budget is so tight that I couldn’t even dream of an extra $5-10 per day in it. Also not for nothing, I thank the FSM every day that I never took up smoking (of tobacco, that is), chewing, etc. And Starbucks coffee is disgusting.

Money? Who has money?:wink:

I quit smoking a quarter century ago. At the time I was spending $30-35 per week on cigarettes.

Back then I was getting an American Airlines email weekly that gave their specials. A little over a year after I quit one special was a trip to London. Mr. Middon said, “Let’s go. We can use the money we saved by you not buying smokes anymore.”

Never done anything like that again, but we had a great time in London.