What do you drink at fine restaurants when you don't drink alcohol?

Sure, you could drink water, but is there something a little fancier? What do most fancy restaurants serve as an alternative?

Iced tea.

A quality restuarant should serve brewed iced tea rather than from a mix or out of a tap.

Diet Coke.

In a fancy glass.


Hey there diet soda buddy!

I don’t understand the premise of the question.

Actually, lush that I am, I won’t drink at a business lunch. And yes, nice iced tea is the way to go. Alternately, sparkling water with lemon. Or (in Winter), I’ll just jump directly to what would be my dessert order, and ask for hot English Breakfast tea.

In the South, if I think I can get it, and in the Summer, I might ask for lemonade.

Lemonade rocks! And most classy restaurants seem to have it.

I ask because I don’t drink alcohol, and I haven’t been in a really fancy restaurant before. I’m referring to those particular establishments where you need to “dress up.” I figured I might as well ask now, rather than later, just in case. Besides, I was curious…

No, I was kidding.

Iced tea really is a good alternative.

I guess if you were Mormon or something, and not okay with caffeine, you could ask for decaf tea. But I really think at that point, I would go for seltzer, which is actually a good belly-settling accompaniment to any meal.

Depending on what you’re eating, there’s a whole range of “virgin” cocktails out there - Shirley Temple, Virgin Mary etc.

My SO, who usually doesn’t drink, most often has a Rock Shandy. Technically, bitters is more alcoholic than Stroh Rum, but only a few drops are used, and she’s OK with that.
Other times, she’ll order a good grapejuice instead of wine. Several of the wine farms here produce good grapejuice as well.

Fresca, with ice.

That very country clubby.

Lime and soda
Lemon, lime and bitters
Mineral water

Generally I stick to iced water with fresh lemon or lime. Even in winter. I just like the stuff, and it doesn’t tend to clash with any food so you can eat what you want and enjoy every moment. :smiley:

Failing that, I’m quite partial to orange juice.

Hi. I’m bienville and I don’t know what a Rock Shandy is.

I even went to Wikipedia and, although they have an entry for “Shandy” (they say it’s Beer and Lemonade or Beer and Ginger Ale) they make no mention of a non-alcoholic “Rock Shandy”.

So what’s a Rock Shandy?

As to the OP, I’ll usually go with a sparkling water or an iced tea.

Get the waitron to get you a club soda and grenadine from the bar. Basically an Italian soda. Add half and half or whipped cream also if you like. Rose’s lime juice may be used in lieu of the grenadine.

With the meal, iced water; if we’re having a drink at the bar first, probably just a tonic water with ice and lemon.

If it’s the same Rock Shandy I’ve had, it’s lemon juice, lemonade, soda water, lots of ice, and a dash of Angostura bitters.

I don’t drink, either. When I go out, I usually drink iced tea or water. When I’m in the mood for something fancier, I get a virgin daiquiri or cranberry spritzer made with club soda. Yum!


Ginger ale. But only if it’s real. Lots of places try to fool you with a glass of Sprite that has a splash of Coke.

Failing real ginger ale, then a cranberry seltzer spritzer or a Virgin Mary, dependin’ on my mood and the time of day.

Usually a Diet Coke before dinner, ice water with.

Agree, although I’m not much for bitters.