What's your favorite non-alcoholic drink?

Working as a theatre manager and working on the concession stand makes me unusually interested in soda drinks and the drinks people drink. I’m drinking a lot of water but when I want a soda I tend towards Dr. Pepper.

How about everyone else?

– IG

Iced tea.

Currently it’s Diet Mountain Dew Code Red. I think I bought Albertson’s out last time I went shopping. It’s rather difficult to find.

Followed up by iced tea. :slight_smile:

Loves me some Dr. Pepper.

Orange pop.

Kool-aid and any Mountain Dew- I never understood the Simpsons jab at the taste of Mountain Dew.


For a special treat, a mango lassi. For everday drinking, lime seltzer. I probably drink a couple of liters of seltzer a day, especially in the summers.

Vernor’s gingerale or Fresca for sodas.

And iced tea (not sweet).

I’m the lassi fan in Post 8. Left Hand is a Coffee Achiever.

I love Coca-Cola Classic, and I discovered when was trying to avoid caffeine that I don’t really like any other flavor of pop at all.

Well-brewed coffee is a thing of beauty; I rarely get it, since I have a crappy coffeemaker and buy the cheap stuff. My regular drink is lime-flavored soda water; we go through about a liter a night of that stuff.


Freshly made lemonade, or Dunkin Donuts strawberry coolattas.

Diet Pepsi

[sup]ducks and runs[/sup]

Coffee. And iced coffee. Water. And Diet Coke for the times when I need the caffeine, but can’t justify the calories of yet another creamed and sugared coffee or iced coffee.

Probably coffee but OJ is good too.

Hot chocolate, cranberry juice, milk, and warm apple cider with cinnamon.

Iced tea (not from a can or fountain), followed by Lime or Vanilla Diet Pepsi.

I easily drink a 6-pack of Diet Pepsi every day, a 12 pack wouldn’t be much work.

All at once? You are one sick puppy.

I’ve always been a Diet Coke man, myself, but the past few weeks I’ve been drinking Diet Snapple, and I’m not entirely sure if I’ll be going back.