What's your favorite non-alcoholic drink?

I lived with a friend from India once who made her own yogurt and then made the best slightly salted lassi ever. I’ve never been able to recreate it.

The blood of a newborn puppy.

Or, barring that, Iced Tea with lime.

Of course not. It’s not complete without a splash of Coke.

Milk or Sprite, depending on mood and possible food pairing.

[Laverne]Milk and Pepsi.[/Laverne]

Actually, coffee or green tea, and occasionally Classic Coke – or better yet, one of those little glass-bottled Cokes from Mexico that they sell at local movie theaters and coffee shops around here.


Mmmmm…Rich Chocolate Ovaltine…

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I’m going to be the first to mention a Shirley Temple???

It’s great. I go out with my friends and I order a Shirley Temple, and the bartenders all think I’m a great guy because hey, designated driver, right? And I never have to admit that it’s just because I love the drink. :wink:

Coffee, closely followed by sparkling water. Tea’s great too, especially at restaraunts or family gatherings.

Properly made iced tea. That means Southern-Style. That means sweetened to within an inch of super-saturation while still hot, then cooled, iced and set in front of me in a glass already coated with condensation, garnished with a lemon slice.

Pineapple tangerine juice

Arnold Palmer. One of the great things about it is that, regardless of how badly the ratio gets skewed, it’s still good.

Lime and soda

If I’m really thirsty, I like water. Otherwise, I drink unsweetened iced tea about all the time. I do have coffee every morning, though. I don’t care for sweet drinks, as they don’t seem to really quench your thirst at all. Not mine, anyway. I’ll stick with iced tea and water.

Strong black tea, hot (with milk & sugar), hot (plain), or iced (with lemon and sugar).

Diet soda in general. It was orange Tropicana Twister for a while but is probably Coke Zero right now.

Didn’t know there were any…

This is true. Not my absolute favorite, but when I see it, I always get it. Otherwise, I mainline the regular diet Mt. Dew.


I love Dr. Pepper for those times when life needs to be caffienated, otherwise I go with Jones Cream Soda (holy CRAP it’s good) or Jones Berry Lemonade soda.

Sweet water from a fast flowing stream high up in the Sierras. I know there’s a risk of getting giardia, but sometimes I just have to cup a hand and get a taste when I’m hiking.