What is the best non-alcoholic beverage you've ever had?

I just had a Cascara Fizz from Blue Bottle. So delicious.

I think my all time favorite drink was a cookies and dough milkshake with a scoop of nutella. Dangerously good. It was stressful to not drink this everyday.

Gotta go with the chocolate cake shake at Portillo’s (local Chicago chain but becoming more nationwide every year).

Dunno about you, but I could go for a Green River right now (carbonated or noncarbonated, doesn’t matter). :o

A cold glass of water after a hard day of physical labor.

Or so I’m told.

Hmmm, I think it’s a three way tie between, fresh mango smoothly, fresh watermelon juice, or ice Milo.

Pretty sure at various times I have declared each one, “THE BEST!”

Mountain Dew Live Wire in a can, ice cold.

It’s the best soda ever.

Something called Apricot Nectar, especially that made by a British firm called Epicure, in tall glass bottles. Although it also seems known in Austria, France and Australia.
The Cookie/Dough beverage sounds fascinating, with or without Nutella; is it a traditional American drink ?

A. J. Stephan’s Ginger Beer.

Followed closely by a number of other good ginger beers.


I’m going to say yes. God bless America.

Fresh starfruit juice in Penang, Malaysia. In the places I’ve lived, starfruit have ranged from outright unavailable to $1 each for a bruised tiny fruit so being able to get an ice cold cup of freshly squeezed juice made from a dozen starfruit for 30 cents was an unimaginable luxury.

If you’re near enough to the west coast to have In-n-Out’s in your city, do yourself a favor:

Go and order a coffee and a chocolate shake, and ask for a third empty cup for water. Pour half the shake in the third cup, then pour half the coffee into the shake cup and mix until you have a thick coffee / thin milkshake. Their coffee is Kona and brewed fresh, and the shakes are made with 100% real ice cream, not any pre-processed powders or pastes. You’re getting the perfect blend of coffee and chocolate and cream…drink of the gods, drink and enjoy!

A black-and-white milkshake from Fatso’s Last Stand, Chicago (near Humboldt Park).

Followed by Virgil’s micro-brewed root beer. Scoop of French vanilla ice cream optional.

Fatso’s is the best! (The neighborhood it’s in is Ukrainian Village.) I haven’t tried their milkshakes, though. I need to rectify that. (I’m not really a milkshake person, but my wife and kids are, so we’ll have to plan another trip there soon.)

I’m really stumped as far as the OP’s question goes, though. I feel like there should be an obvious answer, but all I could think of is lemonade. I just love me a nice, tart, homemade lemonade. That there is pretty much the pinnacle of beverages for me. A well made and not overly sweet horchata would be up there, too.

Limonata. This stuff.

Or Manhattan Special. This stuff.

Allowing liquefied ice cream seems like cheating, but if we’re allowing milk shakes, I’ll go with a chocolate malt. If you’ve never had one, RECTIFY THIS! It’s like a chocolate intensifier, it makes it chocolate^2.

I seriously can’t recommend it more highly. I can’t eat gluten anymore, but damn, I miss a malt. That and dark beers.

One of the chain eateries around here has raspberry lemonade. Very good, very, very sugary.

Oh, that’s a good one!

I’m pining for a root beer float right about now.

I miss Schweppes Bitter Lemon and Bitter Orange. There are hipster substitutes, but none as good.

Almost any kind of ginger beer. Old Tyme is particularly good. I think they also make a wonderful cherry lime rickey.

Guarana, a fruity Brazilian soft drink with a cream-soda flavor.