Favorite non-alcoholic drinks? (pre-poll discussion)

The Raw Fruits project is going so well that I thought we might try a similar approach to beverages, drinks and potables.

What can you add to this list:

cola (soda, pop, Coke, whatever regional variant applies to you)
orange juice

As to when it quits being a drink and becomes something else (like soup, custard, something you pretty much have to consume with a spoon) I will leave to you.

Right now we’re just making a list of things you swallow and that are non-alcoholic.

Devil take the hindmost!


Water, yes. By a mile and a half.

After that, orange juice and milk are probably tied.

Good ones. How could I have forgotten water!?

Among those morning options at the cafeteria there’s usually tomato juice, or V8 or one of those knockoffs.

How many Snapple options must there be?

ginger ale
root beer

Fruit Punch

I am assuming all carbonated beverages are included in “cola” - otherwise, the list is almost endless, even with flavors; cream soda, lemon-line (7-Up/Sprite), Dr. Pepper,…

The same pretty much applies to “specific fruit” juices - besides orange, there’s grape, apple, pineapple, grapefruit,…

Ginger beer

I follow your logic, but if there are some specific variants that you would prefer over the rest, go ahead and mention it/them.

I’m hoping to get a good sized list to put into a preliminary poll as a step toward narrowing down the universe to those things many or most of us will have tasted and have a preference for.

So name maybe five to ten of your favorites in those endless categories, if you will.

I’ve been drinking a lot of Perrier and Pellegrino since I quit wine.

Also, it’s apple cider season. :slight_smile:

Fresh mango juice I make in my blender! Yummo!

Also watermelon juice, it used to be my number one, for a long time.


Yes! A potential can of worms that also contains:

hot cocoa
hot chocolate (is there really any difference?)
espresso (as distinguished from coffee)

Worst. Drink. Ever.


Shirley Temple
Creme Soda

I’m not sure what you mean by this line:

To me, ‘cola’ is not synonymous with ‘soda’ or ‘pop’. ‘Cola’ is a subset of ‘soda/pop’, and ‘Coke’ is a subset of ‘cola’.

I think you either need a single category of ‘soda’, to cover all non-alcoholic, carbonated, flavored beverages, or you need several options to cover that category (e.g. cola, lemon-lime, root beer, etc.).

I think a single ‘soda’ option is far too vague, but I could see where you could get lost trying to make a comprehensive list of all of the sub-types.

Thanks for the comment. Right now – this thread – I’m just hoping to get a reasonably broad range of options to put into a poll that will help narrow things down to where real personal preferences start coming to the fore.

On the “cola-pop-soda-etc.” issue I was trying to allude to what this map demonstrates. I know there are even more regional names for that group of drinks.

Root beer
Diet Dr. Pepper
Mountain Dew
Sweetened green tea
Orange cream soda

Iced tea

Milk. In fact, if I were to be told I could only consume one food for the rest of my life (and that it would completely sustain me) I would respond “Milk” without hesitation.

I’m down to two gallons per week, now.

My favorite drink:

Starbucks quad-shot of espresso over ice, large cup, ice all the way to the top.