Poll: What do you drink when you're not in the mood for drinking?

Say you’re going out with friends for a night of drinking (perhaps at the pub, a party, clubbing, what have you) and you don’t particularly fancy drinking a whole lot or even fancy the notion of the taste of alcohol … what do you like to imbide? Mind you, I’m not one of those with an objection to the taste of alcohol; I loves me the taste of nice craft brew or a smooth vodka or a well-aged whiskey … but some nights I’m just not in the mood. I’m still interested in something with alcohol and not opposed to a mixed drink, but on the other hand, I can’t be ordering girly froo-froo mixed drinks when I’m out with the guys. I’m just not faaaaaabulous enough. :smiley:

What do you folks like to order when you don’t have a particular taste for alcohol?

Club soda with lime.

Cranberry & soda, or coffee.

Ginger ale or cranapple on ice.


If it’s a restaurant, then probably a soda (Sprite and root beer being my top picks,) but if it’s a bar, where a soda is like $5 (and the soda with booze is $5.50 :rolleyes: ,) I’ll either still have soda but make my friends pay as compensation for being sober driver, or I’ll have water with a lime/lemon.

Bloody Mary before noon just because it does seem to help a hangover, even if I don’t really feel like drinking.
In the evening a screwdriver works well in masking the alcohol taste.

Gin and tonic, very tall glass light booze. Or a margarita, same way. Or I’ll nurse a pint of porter which tastes better as it warms. Sometimes I’ll order brewed iced tea in a hurricane glass with garnish–looks like a Long Island but no booze!

Gin and tonic.

Lemon, lime and bitters.

Sprite with grenadine.

In the winter - coffee with Bailey’s.

Diet Coke…throw a lime in it and it looks like a cuba libra. But, I take the lime out upon arrival of the drink, since I prefer my Diet Cokes with no limes. It’s a good cover, in my opinion.

But, I usually do drink when at a pub since I get the opportunity to have a good draft beer. It’s only when I’m a bit under the weather that I will go with the fake cuba libra.

Virgin Ceaser or diet coke.

Or coffee (with Bailey’s sometimes).

Tonic water with lime.

The question really doesn’t make sense to me. :smiley:

Diet soda.

Club soda with a side of lime juice. Or water.

EmAnJ, one of the few drinks I miss since I stopped drinking is a good Caesar. Those Murkins don’t know what they’re missing.

Diet coke, club soda, non-alcoholic beer, or water.

Probably a Bailey’s. I’d never not order alcohol when at a bar. (Unless I was on medication or pregnant or something.)