What do you feel like eating at three o'clock in the afternoon?

I have to provide “refreshments” for a meeting next week at work. The meeting started out as a pizza luncheon but got moved. I’m just as happy to eat pizza at three as I am at twelve, but that may just be me. I also accept doughnuts anytime day or night.
So what might you be expecting to be served at a mid-afternoon meeting?

(This counts as working, right, since I’m starting a work-related thread?)

Since it’s a meeting, chips and pretzels are probably out, on account of the crunchy.

How about a meat and cheese tray, veggie platter, basket of fruits?

I usually see cookies served at afternoon meeting along with coffee and sodas. Depending on the type of meeting, either store-bought cookies or really, nice bakery cookies.

I second the meat and cheese and veggies. People are tired at 3, the protein will help more than sugar. Of course, you could have cookies too.

Yeah, we always have cookies at our three o’clock meetings.

Some kind of creme danish I suppose. Yummy.

I’m treating myself to my favorite afternoon food as we speak: fresh, hot, buttered popcorn. I’m in heaven.

Wish I could eat like this everyday. Popcorn is the best food group ever. :smiley:

It all sounds good to me right now! Guess I’ll eat some of these lame Triscuits.
By the way, y’all have been very helpful.

Well, it’s 1:20 here, but I’m currently heating some frozen fried wonton-like appetizers. They’re filled with spinach, artichoke hearts, and cheese.

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The usual around here is fruit and cheese, with a small dainties tray, coffee, tea and pop.

Fruit for the healthy eating types
Cheese for the low-carb types
Cookies for the sugar snack food types

I’ll have several of each, thank you.

At three o’clock I want the same thing I want at every hour of the day. COOKIES!

Tea, Coffee, cookies. Or if you want to be posh some canapes (though avoid samon which can be smelly).

The hot chick in the cube . . :cool:

Well I start work at 4:00l so 3:00 is normally eggs or cereal.

I don’t think that helps very much.

I would go with the deli-tray idea. Meats, cheeses, fruits, some condiments (pickles, peppers, onions) and some bread.

I like to have sex at 3:00 in the afternoon. Unfortunately I’m usually not at the right place at that time.

So I eat chocolate.

Well, if you’re sitting next to Si Amigo, yer in luck…

A stripper and a keg.

I’d find that refreshing :smiley:

I always enjoy when there is cake around 3:00. It’s a nice surprise.