What's your midnight snack?

For those of you who have them, of course.

For me, it’s a bowl of corn flakes/raisin bran/whatever cold cereal we have in the house. It used to be a peanut butter sandwich but I decided to lose weight so had to give up the peanut butter.

(Oh, and… define “midnight snack” as you care. If it’s something you eat right before you go to bed, fine. If you stay up until 4am coding every night and it’s what you grab at 2am, fine. If you keep different hours than most and your midnight snack is actually eaten at 11am, before you go to bed after your 11pm-8am shift, fine.)

My favorite is leftover rice or noodles scrambled with a little butter, an egg or two, and maybe some cheese. Starch + protein + fat = perfect midnight snack food, in my opinion.

Peanut or almond butter right out of the jar with a spoon.

Peanut butter sandwiches.

If I wake up in the middle of the night, it’s a cookie or a piece of candy. If we’re talking my 8pm snack in front of the idiot’s lantern, then it’s popcorn.

A piece of Swiss cheese, right before lights out.

My late night snack isn’t anywhere near mid-night, but if I’m feeling peckish before heading off to bed, I will indulge in some sweet hot tea and salty snacks like a few potato chips or popcorn or triscuit crackers.

Like Homer, late at night I will sometimes snack on cheese.

baby carrots and dill dip

For those insomnia nights, it’s usually pita chips and hummus. And a single malt.

You’re among friends so be honest now. Sometimes it’s more like two or three. Right? :wink:

A bowl of cold cereal, usually Cheerios, but sometimes Grape Nuts or Raisin Bran. Then I sleep well.

Grilled cheese. My cheat days are Saturday, so I’ve been known to break out the frying pan at midnight on Friday.

Dry Cheerios with lots of raisins, as a sort of gorp.

Full-on breakfast. It’s something we did back in the “sharing a house with a half-dozen friends” in the years after college. Eggs, sausage, bacon, toast, the whole deal, at like 200am after getting home from the bars. It’s infrequent nowadays, but it still happens. My wife will come downstairs because I’m making a racket and look at me like I’m nuts, then goes back to bed shaking her head. Sorry, honey.

Cheese. I didn’t expect others were doing that too.

I follow my cravings if I want a midnight snack, so it could be almost anything. It’s likely to be simple and savory, though. For example, a piece of cheese is a pretty common go-to when I need a little something. A small peanut butter sandwich maybe. I see both of those mentioned by other people, so I guess I’m more typical than I thought in this regard.

Usually no more than two.


My wife loves to bake so I’m always taken care of in this regard. It’s Yule time right now so I have an embarrassment of riches, current cake, walnut cookies, chocolate crinkles, pumpkin cheesecake.

So, what ever is fresh baked, I guess.

Breakfast cereal.