What do you know about these XBOX games?

I refuse to pony up for membership at gamespot or ign and Official XBOX magazine isn’t exactly known for its fair and impartial reviews. So if anyone is up to date, I was wondering are any of these going to be great:

DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball
Street Hoops
Gun Metal
Ninja Gaiden
Toe Jam and Earl III
Dead to Rights

I don’t know anything about these games but ign.com has a lot of free stuff so you shouldn’t have any problem finding previews or reviews of those games. It’s generally only the most recent stuff which you have to pay for. Gamespot has,interestingly enough followed the opposite strategy and you get the latest stuff free for a week and then you have to pay for the archives. So if the game has just been released you should find a review there as well.

Hi cainxinth,

Gunmetal is out already and got a 6.7 from IGN. People on the boards there were frustrated with it’s repetitiveness. Dead to Rights has also received bad previews so far which is disappointing. The game that you list which seems to have the most buzz would be Ninja Gaiden.
There are alot of good games coming out, (most in november) that are receiving alot of media/board attention:

Splinter Cell
Panzer Dragoon
Brute Force
Timeplitters 2
Metal Gear Solid: Substance

Ive never seen the show, but Buffy is getting excellent previews and is coming out in the next couple weeks.

Let me know if you can link to this and we’ll talk again:

I managed to catch most of those games at E3, though it’s hard to get more than a few minutes of play time with each game. Lemme see what I can do for ya, though…

Blinx: If this is the time reversing/switching one, I actually didn’t get to play this due to the rediculous wait to get to it. It seems to be more of a cutsie platformer, and judging by the line people seemed to enjoy it.

DOA Volleyball: While it’s a serious amount of T&A, the gameplay is actually quite fun, very much like Virtual Tennis in sand. If you like digital softcore porn or Virtual Tennis, then you’ll probably like this.

Robotech: All big mech games have been pretty bad so far. I hope this one is better, as the graphics are just amazing. Unfortunatly, I’ve not actually gotten a chance to play it, so I don’t know about the control.

Ninja Gaiden: I thought this was PS2 only, but the demo they had at E3 was pretty simplistic, though entertaining. It really is just a 3D version of the old arcade game, running through various levels slashing everyone as quickly as possible. It’s less like Tenchu and more like… Contra or another shooter.

Toe Jam and Earl: If you liked the others, then you will enjoy this. I’m not sure exactly what the 3d conversion will do to it, but it’s by SEGA, which is always a good sign. This should be similar to Conker’s Bad Fur Day, or other puzzle oriented platform games.

Dead to Rights: Unfortunatly, DtR suffers from a horrible repetitive syndrome along with the fact that it’s made for 14 year old boys who don’t mind 10 minutes of pressing the X button to music so long as there is a virtual stripper on stage. While the first two stages are very cool, with lots of nice animations, it just gets old.

Panzer Dragoon: It’s a rail shooter, but a really good one. If you like those shooting games in the arcade (LA Machine Guns), then this will be the perfect game for you. Quick and easy to play.

Metal Gear Solid: Substance: If you thought (like myself and my friends) that MGS2 would’ve been great if you could control Snake, then buy this game. Also, if you want VR Missions and updated graphics. Really, anyone who likes the MGS style of play should buy this when it comes out.

The others, I either didn’t play, or don’t remember playing. Ones that I’m most looking foward to are Unreal Championship and the SEGA sports games running on XBox Live. Should be a good xmas for the XBox.