What do you like to add to your bath?

I go through my phases.

I love lavender bath salts.

I love Jo Malone’s Lime, Basil & Mandarin Bath Oil

I love Eucalyptus Oil when I have a cold

Lately I love adding cloves in a little pouch and running hot water over it…mmmmm…spicy.

A blonde.

By “blonde,” Papermache Prince means “rubber duckie.”

Depends on my mood. Lavender is nice; one of my favorites is Honey Mango. In Russia, chamomile grows wild, so we used to gather up big bunches and throw it into the bathtub. In general, I like things that smell natural, fruity or herbal, not perfumey.

Cloves? Sounds good…I’ll have to try that sometime. I imagine bay leaves would smell nice, too.

So…am I the only one who doesn’t like baths because they worry that even if you scub the tub first, the bath-tub might not be clean enough, and something might (gasp!) float in the water that isn’t supposed to? It could be a hair, a forgotten bit of shaving cream or even a mosquito! No!!!

Yeah…but I bet none of the other kids that were in my health class with take baths either…

Well, my bath is clean!

Elfkin, do you swim in the ocean or swimming pools?

Sometimes, not too often, though, I don’t enjoy being wet all that much beyond necessary showers. You wear a bathing suit, though, so that’s a big difference. Elaboration on the health-class comment: our health teacher spent one class explaining that you should never ever shave in the bath-tub, because things like shaving cream float in the water, and can get into your body, since you’re just submerged in the water. This leads to terrible things like yeast and bladder etc infections… Sure, I know- now- that this was probably something she said to amuse herself and freak us out, but…it worked.

I like bath bombs. I usually make my own but if I’m lazy I’ll just dump all the ingredients into the tub separate, heh. (It’s hard to actually shape the bombs.) Fave essential oils: Peppermint/Lavender or Spearmint.

I put real Chamomile and sometimes lavender in a piece of cheeseclothe and let that steep for a little while, or I’l boil some chamomile and put that in(strained, of course; 2 cups of water for every 1 cup of herb; Chamomile will make you go to sleep, Lavender will relax you, as will mint… boil them for about 10 minutes, and then pour it into your bath. It’l make it smell pretty, and it’l make your skin nice too.)

But for some odd reason, I dislike bubble bath and essential oils in my bath… prolly cuz then there’s some actual residue on the skin, and then I’m usually too relaxed to wake myself up with a shoer to rinse it off.

A cute woman :smiley:
Alternatively, some Radox sports/muscle salts.


Ever since I saw “Bull Durham” I’ve been wanting to add Kevin Costner to me bath, but no luck…

Really, though. I prefer bath salts to bubble bath or bath oil. Years ago (like in the 1970s) lemon was a really popular scent for shampoo, cologne, etc. I had some lemon-scented bath salts that I just loved. I also like carnation-scented bath salts, if I can find them.

Well, if I could add anything to my bath it would be Joseph Fiennes. But since that isn’t likely to happen any time soon and I don’t think my husband would be very agreeable to the idea if it was possible, I guess my answer would have to be bath salts and lavender on occasion.

I have a wide variety of bubble baths from Bath & Body Works (that place makes a fortune off me, as I’m also addicted to their Shower Gels and Moisturizers (in the same scent, natch) every morning after my shower. I also have a number of things from the body shop - my fav being a bubble bath called “Oceanus.”

I used to take a bath once or twice a week (I shower every day, so there), particularly in winter, but since I started this hella commute (an hour each way) I’ve eliminated it from my routine - the days are just too long. It’ll be a nice thing to add back in when I move, particularly if I end up with a whirlpool.

I was thinking that adding this might be a good idea, too.

Anything with bubbles will do. Lots of bubbles. I really liked the bath salts the GAP had at one point (don’t know if they still do).

And everything by the Body Shop (porcupine, I love Oceanus, too. I also have the shower gel…)

oceanus is finest kind.

i just had a vanilla bath. there was this new fizzy thing i had to try out. it was an ice cream scoop for the bathtub. the usual fizzy bit with sea salts and oil added to it. very, very, good thing.

Viggo Mortensen. Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

So instead of Viggo, I settle for bath cubes or bubble bath from the drug store.

I cannot vouch for this idea being fact or fiction, but you are not the only one who has ever heard this…

Bubble baths are supposedly a big UTI waiting to happen. :frowning:

I’ll see if I can find any web sites about that. Meanwhile, here’s a page I found that says we shouldn’t have to worry about it.

Unfortunately, in the article it says this:

Instead, bacteria and bubbles can irritate the glistening lining of the urethra – as can soaps, shampoos, dyes, fragrances, skin products, fabric softeners, and chlorinated pool water.

Which still says to me, bubble baths are not as enjoyable as they were when we were kids. Nice to know it may be a myth (as far as the actual infection), but it still seems that you have a good chance of experiencing a few days of pain for a 30 minute bath.

Thanks Fairy :slight_smile: I’d be extremely interested to see if you come up with something regarding the post by Elfkin.

Well, read these pages and make your own informed decision as to whether or not bubble baths cause UTI. I see that a lot of them say there is indeed a connection.

sigh If only I could substitute Viggo Mortensen for my favorite bubble bath products. Mmmmmmm.