What do you make of this bumper sticker?

All it said was THE BLOOD OF CHRIST. Well, what about it? Is there perhaps a group with this name? Maybe this bumper sticker is more common than I know?

It means you should feel quilty about something.

Well, the B of C is said to be a pretty strong cleanser, maybe it was an endorsement of some sort on the part of the driver?

Kinda icky out of context though.

Maybe it’s a new ad campaign for Mountain Dew: Code Red?

I used to hang with their rivals THE CRIPS OF CHRIST.

What do you make of this bumper sticker?
This? Why, I can make a hat, or a brooch, or a pterodactyl…

Maybe the person had visited the Sangre de Cristo Mountains?

(I once saw a Pentacostal church in Kentucky with a sign out front that said “Oh the blood.” Makes you wonder what they do during their church services.)

Casey, you beat me to the punch, darn it!

I recently saw a church sign that said, “What have you done with God’s Son?”

It was consentual, I swear!

Um, maybe I shouldn’t have said that. I wish there was an edit button.

No, it’s all right. It was a good, funny line. You should be proud of it. After all, if we’re made in God’s image, and we’ve got a sense of humor, then it stands to reason that God has a sense of humor too. You think I’m joking? Look at the giraffe. It’s just a horse with a long neck!

Okay, so I stole that from George Carlin. It’s funny, though.

Ummm, i think quilty liked girls :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahhh, ya both beat me to it.

Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop posting in a timely fashion.

Just a desperate man hoping the sticker will explain the bloodstains all over the backseat and the thorns and two long pieces of wood in the trunk.

So, the concensus is that we don’t really know, but we can say so at great length, with puns and in jokes thrown in.

Don’t you guys recognize the transubstantiationmobile when you see it?

Wine dealer?


Introducing the 2005 Ford Communion…an SUV straight from heaven with 4WD, ABS, front and side airbags, and the steering wheel is made of wheat! Leather upholstery optional. Available in burgundy only.

Could be worse. It could have been a sticker reading “The Body of Christ.” On a bread truck.

And talk about maneuverability! This car handles cleanly through rain, snow, mud, even the eye of a needle!


I can make a hat…

Or a brrroooch…

Or a teradactyl…!
It had to be done…