Bumper Sticker Meaning

Recently, I’ve seen a bumper sticker on two different cars. It was black with white cursive writing that said “Everybody. Yes, even you.”
I tried googling it, but came up with nothing.
So, is it just a flippant comment or is it some organization’s latest campaign? If the latter, whose and what’s the message they’re trying to get across?

Thanks in advance -DESK

I dunno. But I once saw something that might be the exact opposite. I’m mentioning it only in the hopes that contrasting the two might shed some light on your bumper sticker.

But I would think it would be from a local church, so not a very pervasively available bumper sticker.

As in: (God Loves) ‘Everybody. Yes even you.’

Sigene, I think you’re probably correct. This morning, I was behind another car with a different style sticker that said the same thing. As it turned into a Chik-fil-a*, I realized that all three cars had christrian-themed and/or military support stickers also.

Thanks - DESK

*The Chik-fil-a reference is just because, here in Georgia, it’s a popular fast food restaurant that is well know for its owner’s support of conservative and christian causes.

Somebody really needs to stick a “Fuck” sticker just in front of it.

Funny, a few months ago, I wanted to incorporate that exact sentiment into a t-shirt or bumper sticker: “Fuck everybody. Yes, you, too. Especially you.” Though that might not be a big seller for Christian conservatives.

Around my area the stickers read “Everyone has, even you”. The are distributed by a local mega church and refer to the New testament verse Romans 3:23 “For all have sinned…”