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I received this e-mail two nights ago (but didn’t open it until yesterday morning).

I hope there isn’t a problem with an extensive near-exact abridged quote of a letter sent out. Mods, please advise. :confused:

This was from a church that helped me fend off eviction and is near and dear to my heart, although I won’t be attending it because of distance as well as difference of “belief” in many areas. I believe that this e-mail comes ultimately from a national center of related churches.

Please tell me what you think of this in terms of stating the danger involved and what can be done, beyond what is asked. (Mostly, who else should be contacted, either in Moldova or connected with the situation/has influence, etc. For instance do you think contacting whatever Orthodox body(-ies) active in Moldova would help?)

Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2007


A Message from
Rev. Elder N–
Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches

Please Take 5 Minutes Today To Protect The
Human Rights and Lives of LGBT People in Moldova

“We can take no more abuse of our dignity and self-respect.
Our belief in human rights is an ideal that we cannot let go of.”
– B-- B–, LGBT Activist in Moldova

April 26, 2007

Your help is urgently needed – today! – to protect the lives and safety of LGBT people in the Eastern European country of Moldova.

This is the third year that the Mayor and City Council of Moldova’s capital city of Chisinau have refused to grant a Pride March permit to GenderDoc-M, the country’s leading LGBT activist group.

“We can take no more abuse of our dignity and self-respect,” said B-- B–, Executive Director of GenderDoc-M. “Our belief in human rights is an ideal that we cannot let go of.”

Nor should any of us!

A recent ruling by Moldova’s Supreme Court affirmed the equal right of LGBT people to assembly, free speech and peaceful protest. In strong language, the Court called the refusal of Chisinau city officials to authorize a march of solidarity for LGBT people “unjustifiable.”

In spite of this, public officials have threatened to arrest participants if the Pride March takes place as scheduled on Sunday, April 29, 2007. And threats – including physical violence and death – have been made against the march’s organizers.

At this very moment, Rev. D-- F–, MCC’s Region 5 Elder, and F-- B–, MCC’s Eastern Europe Coordinator, along with Romania’s long-time human rights activist V-- C–, are on-site in Chisinau at the invitation of the LGBT community of Moldova to provide support, lead workshops on human rights and activism, conduct media interviews, and offer spiritual care.

On Friday, April 27, they will stand in solidarity with Moldova’s LGBT community, despite threats of arrest, at a public demonstration calling for the mayor of Chisinau to issue parade permits.

On Saturday, April 28, they will participate in the opening of Moldova’s Pride Festival.

And on Sunday, April 29, they will march in solidarity through the streets of Chisinau – again, despite the threat of arrest and in the face of organized opposition – as part of the first-ever LGBT Pride March to be held in the country of Moldova.

They face the risk of possible arrest and imprisonment for their actions, but they believe the risk is worth it. According to Rev. F–, “The Pride March will increase visibility, and visibility will increase understanding, and understanding will decrease violence and promote peace. The world needs more peace.”

Won’t you take five minutes of your time today to protect the human rights and lives of our brothers and sisters in Moldova who are facing the threat of arrest, imprisonment, physical violence, and even death this weekend?

Here’s what you can do to make a difference:

Send an e-mail to the Permanent Representative of Moldova to the United Nations, A—T–, at unmoldova at aol.com. Keep your message brief.

– Demand that his government act to ensure the compliance of Chisinau’s Mayor and Moldova’s President in issuing a parade permit to GenderDoc-M in time for March of Solidarity on Sunday, April 29, 2007

– Demand that guarantees of safety and legal protection be made for all marchers and demonstrators during April 27-29, 2007.

– Demand that he assure us that his government and its representatives will act in accordance with the December 2006 Supreme Court mandate.

– And remind them that the eyes of the world will be watching Moldova throughout this weekend.

There can be no compromise with any government that seeks to silence or oppress any group based solely on human prejudice and lack of understanding. Chisinau’s Mayor --, in previous statements, has asserted that Moldova is a “Christian” society. We are reminded that the most basic principle of the faith we hold dear is that all people are created in the image of God and therefore deserve to be treated as beloved sons and daughters. Jesus would not discriminate. And as his followers, neither should we.

Please act now to protect the rights, safety and lives of our brothers and sisters in Moldova. And take action today because you, too, are a person of faith who believes in the dignity and equality of all God’s children.


Rev. Elder N–
Metropolitan Community Churches


This Action Alert prepared under the auspices of MCC’s Global Justice Team, Rev. P—B–, Chair.

I have removed all individual names. They are available to you by pm or e-mail on request if this post is allowed.

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