What do you mean there's been other full recounts?

I’m taking the name of the poster off, since 1) I am not starting this thread to flame them specifically. and 2) I really don’t know if this is a flame at all… maybe more of a rant.

> But eventually, Florida will get around to doing a 100% count.

We already did TWO full counts last month. Your guy lost. Get over it.

EXCUSE ME? Can someone who has said this or believes it please explain it to me?

It’s my understanding that the “under vote” or votes that the machines could not perceive a vote for a presidential candidate have not been fully counted, and I really have no confidence that they ever will be.

I don’t think for a minute that the recount that was being performed in Florida would really have qualified as a fair and accurate recount, because I agree that their lack of standards made it difficult, and the stupid type of ballots they used even more so.

But what I really don’t understand is how anyone then says that Full Counts were ever performed?


(Hmm… hijacking my own thread)

Yes, tonight Gore will finally concede, as he should at this point, and Bush will be our next president. But don’t try and tell me he was fairly elected. This is the first president in my recollection who wins on a technicality, rather than by the people’s Vote.