What do you miss?

Reading the posting from thread, I noticed there were a lot of transplants there. Having moved from Detroit to Seattle, there are many things i miss.

Meijers-24 hour shopping nirvana
Coney Island hot dogs-On every other corner
NFC and Big Ten Football-The Pac-10 just doesn’t do it!

Anyone else miss anything?

I think there are more things I enjoy about California, rather than things I miss. But, there are a few things I miss, mostly revolving around food.
Previous to California I lived Washington DC, and grew up in Philadelphia.

easy access to many different places that sell REAL pizza.
Good rolls.
Free museums (DC)


Frankie, you’re so lucky!

Moved from Seattle to Iowa, and miss the food!

The $2 chicken teriyaki bowl from Don Pay
Turkey sandwiches from Bakeman’s
Carmelo (sp?) dessert from any of the Trattorias
Fried clams from Ivar’s
Jambalaya from the New Orleans cafe
Tonkatsu from that little joint across from the courthouse
The gutbuster meals at Shay’s
The bagels and soups from that place in Pioneer Square
Dim sum from anywhere! Cheong fun – oh yummy!
Thai anything –
The guacamole from El Tapatio in Greenwood

Cheese balls dipped in ranch dressing do NOT cut it (but the prime rib comes close)

I do love seattle. I wouldn’t move back to Michigan for anything in the world. Love the mountains and the water. I feel like im the luckiest guy int he world!
but i do miss a couple of things!

I moved from Indiana to the SF Bay area. I miss WEATHER! I miss having four completely different sets of clothing for each season! Oh, yeah. I really miss Meijer, too. Out here, if you need a lawnmower and a rawhide chew toy at 3AM, well too bad for you pal!

Oh, a thread made just so I can whine about what I miss? This is too good to be true! I’m from Michigan (Detroit area). Now I live in Arizona. (Moved here in January '98) I miss the EXACT same things that Frankie misses. AND I miss FOUR seasons like Vouguevixen does.

Plus I miss:
1)Snow, and cold weather. I love weather that’s around 50-60 degrees. Just cold enough for a nice flannel shirt, or light jacket.
2) Trees. They have little fake trees here in the Phoenix area. (Don’t even get me started on all the cacti) I want some maple, giant oak, weeping willow, birch, pine…REAL trees!
3) Good water. AZ has the crappiest water in all the land. You can’t drink water out of the tap. Even the natives use water filters.
4) Water…period! Coming from Michigan, I was surrounded by a billion lakes, and rivers. Here…well, it’s a desert. Yuck.

Just so you don’t think I hate EVERYTHING in AZ, I do like some things. The roads are superb, and I like the sunsets, and “mountains.” (The mountains are more like huge hills) I definetly see myself moving back to MI as soon as I have enough money to survive on my own.


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You folks miss WEATHER??? Are you out of your MINDS??? I can’t wait to move someplace where I don’t have to wear a coat 9 months a year and where I can actually SEE THE SUN more than once a week! And DON’T get me started about SNOW …

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I grew up in New England and went to college near Philly. I now live in Chicago. Things that I miss:

  1. Philly Cheese Steaks. No place outside of a 40 mile radius of philly even makes a passing cheese steak. And no place outside of Pats on South Street makes a cheese steak that good.

  2. Seafood. I begrudgingly eat seafood in Chicago. It’s just not the same as in costal areas.

  3. Boston. The best city on the planet. “The Hub of the Universe”

  4. TV show times: Don’t get me wrong, it’s kinda nice that all of the shows come on an hour early. Its just kinda creepy.

  5. Geography: George Carlin said it best… “I’ve never lived in the midwest because I could never spend my life in a place where the most striking geographic feature is the horizon.”

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As a native New Yorker, I can safely say that I miss everything about the place and have gone on the record that I will make it back before I die to live, and if I don’t, I’ll have my ashes spread there…

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Well i havent moved AT ALL in my entire life, but i can tell you what i would miss, if i moved from Monterey to ohh…the midwest.

  1. The ocean, and being able to see down into the water 12-15 feet and see the bottom. Also, clear, clean streams. (muddy lakes and ponds dont cut it)

  2. Seing Native Pines, Monterey Cypresses, Big leaf maples, Buckeyes, Sycamores, Redwoods, Valley Oaks, Blue Oaks, Madronas, Coulter Pines, and Coast Live Oaks (Unlike Arizona we have real trees here :)). Also for the non-native trees: Palms, and Araucarias.

3). Two seasons: Dry and wet. I would miss the storms and wild seas we get here in the winter, and the sun in spring and fall, and the fog in summer.

4). Seeing the brown hills change to emerald green in winter - spring.

5). REAL canyons. Not gullies, not ditches, but steep stone cliffs as in Arroyo Seco, or Big Sur

6). Seeing the coastal mountains plunge directly into the sea.

Aha Adam, move out to Central California. Summer is like that , and most of the year it is practically fall weather year round here :).

Well, the hills in Monterey are covered in 100 foot high Monterey Pines. Further south you find Redwoods. You can also see real trees of different types all over the city of Monterey too :).