What Food do you miss?

This is a simple one. Everyone has something they can’t get anymore because it’s not marketed where you live, company went out of business, EPA closed down the restraunt,NASA/Immigration claimed the cook really WAS an alien. What one (or more) foods can you not get anymore, and you’re ticked?

For me, it’s those chilli-stuffed hot dogs they used to sell. Or a hambuger stand that sauteed onions fresh for your burger. I can still smell those things 25+ years later.

Miami - South Beach. Can’t remember what they’re called, but Damn, they were good. I live in Seattle now, thousands of miles away from those scrumptous things.

Made of Rounds of Philo dough, lots of ham and cheese in the middle. They were greasy and hot and they sold them on these small concessions. You could get shots of Cuban coffee there too.

Anyone know what those are called? Yum…:stuck_out_tongue:

KFC’s rotisserie chicken. It was the most fabulous thing they ever had, and we used to get it a couple nights a week. I can’t imagine why it went away (to be replaced by a series of pathetic, lame, dull, mostly failed other styles), but my secret fantasy is to taste it again before I pass beyond this mortal coil. Lord that was good.

T.G.I. Friday’s used to have an awesome sandwich called a Garden Dagwood.

Nine-Grain Bread
Basil Cream Cheese
Mushroom Sauce
Bean Sprouts
Red Bell Pepper
Red Onion


I used to live in Dover, Delaware - absolutely no restaurant choices, so El Hubbo and I ate at Friday’s a whole lot. Every time I went there I’d have that sandwich. All of a sudden they got rid of it.

No fair.

As one of the world’s biggest cheese fries/potato skins aficionados, I regret that two different places that had the all-time best both took them off the menu some years ago.

There was a Chinese place near where I used to live - I think it was called the Chinese Garden - not sure - but they had the world’s absolute best Mongolian Beef. I’d eat it 3 or 4 times a week. It’s gone now - replaced by yet another Mexican Restaurant, making a grand total of at least a dozen in a square mile radius.

And before anyone suggests it: I will not make it for myself. Food always tastes better when it’s made by someone else.

Kind of a rolled up chocolate Twinkie with a coating of waxy confectioners chocolate. Nummy! Haven’t had them since I was ten.

Monster Chomps.
Chocolate cookies shaped as though they’d already had a bite taken out of them. LOVED them as a kid, but I guess they didn’t survive the 70’s.

Panuchu Sweet Bean Paste Cakes.
Weird ass Japanese candies a girlfriend turned me onto, and not as gross sounding as the name would lead you to believe (I suspect some things don’t survive translation well). Seems to me a lot of Japanese candy and soft drinks exist for only a few months.

Only had these things dring a trip to the south one summer, might be a regional thing. Sickly sweet!

One thing I miss:

In winter, in Switzerland, you can buy hot roasted chestnuts from street vendors. No such thing in Southern California!

Ben & Jerry’s Southern Pecan Pie ice cream.
Literally the best thing I have ever eaten
in my life! The local ShopRite doesn’t have
it anymore. I have to get it at their shop
in NYC.

Also B&J Nutcracker Suite–Vanilla Ice cream
with several types of chocolate covered nuts.

I use to miss Forever Yours candy Bars until
they came back as Milky Way Dark.

Madison, Wisconsin has a shop called Teddy Wedgers, which sold pasties that were meat and potatoes wrapped in a bread like shell then baked. Haven’t found anything like it in the Twin Cities.

On a related note, Nestle Quik used to have banana flavored stuff to put in milk. That was fantastic. Even came up with a drink mix that when I told people, they couldn’t believe anyone would drink it, but when they had a sip, they were hooked.

Rubes’ Banana Come Lately
1 glass milk
2 shots Southern Comfort
2 Spoonfills of Banana Quik

mmmmmmm, Banana Come Lately…

From the long-absent Little Old Taco Maker: Mexi-Cones! A wonderful concoction in the shape of a corn tortilla cone filled with refried beans, spicy meatlike substance and greasy cheese.

(Nutcracker Suite sounds GREAT!)

Actually, it was Nutcracker SWEET. And yes, it was

Good call Rubes! I am a Madison native and loved these things! Last time I was in town, the store was still there.

The only problem with Poppas Teddy Wedgers is the store is too long of a walk from campus.

I desperately miss Bascom hall ice cream also.

I miss a “real” pepsi in the tall 16oz bottles, the ones from Mexico not the same.

Peanutbutter Snickers

Inki –
I don’t know about Panuchu brand, specifically, but sweet bean paste cakes are common in Japan, China, etc. and can be ordered on the internet. In addition to the usual ‘food’ sitres, there are a number of websites like Japanesesnacks.com devoted to oriental candies (new and classic)

Rubes –
Milk, cream, soy or quasi-dairy poduct of your choice goes very well with any decent Creme de Banane or banana liquor. You’re right, the two flavors were made for each other. A friend of mine uses a banana pudding powder as a milk mix, and she swears by it. It’s some obscure local brand, but I’m sure there’s an equivalent in your neck of the woods.

(health tip: any nonalcoholic banana powder or candy will make soy milk or even tofu delightful. You just have to figure out how to dissolve or blend it. We seem to discover new health benefits of tofu weekly. I think we should quit pushing it as some sort of meat substitute and consider it as a healthy desert! Even the kids wil eat it then.]

Manapua. Or more specifically chicken curry manapua from any 7-eleven in Hawaii.

Mmmmmm…manapua. Almost enough to make me want to move back to Hawaii.

Toasted Cheese Rolls!

You can’t get them here, you can’t even make them here in Australia, because their bread is too thickly sliced. They’re bastards to do such a thing.

When I go home soon for a visit, I’m gonna gorge myself!

They’re cheese, and onion-soup, mixed together in a soft mulch, enwrapped in a thin roll of bread, toasted, and buttered. Yuuummmmmm…

peanut butter snickers…heaven on earth
i am now a vegitarian so i could miss alot of things but what i miss most is marshmallows. Kraft used to make them without gelatin, but now they do along with everyone else…so thats what i miss most…marshmallow creme is just not the same:(