What do you order from Mod Pizza?

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so, what do you order from Mod Pizza? I love their pizza and especially that you don’t pay by the toppings - it’s all the same price!

I was introduced to Mod Pizza in Colorado and really pleased there is one in my new town in Oregon. :pizza:

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A Mod Pizza opened up near my church a couple of years ago. Several of my friends and I often go to lunch there after church; I usually get a Mad Dog (a meat pizza), and add spicy sausage, bacon, and spinach to it.

That said, I haven’t been to an in-person church services since early March, and so, I haven’t been to Mod Pizza in that long, either. :frowning:

if I can hijack my own thread - and I think I can! - I find it sad I haven’t been to my church in a long time. they are having zoom services but it’s not the same as being in person.

do you have the zoom option?

the only thing at Mod Pizza I know I really don’t like is BBQ sauce. love it on ribs, hate it on pizza.

but I love pesto on everything, including pizza!

I usually get spicy sausage, a couple kinds of peppers, mushrooms, and sometimes garlic. Ms. P isn’t crazy about it, so our sons and I get it when she’s working through dinner sometimes.

We do. We’ve been doing online services, via YouTube, since mid-March; we have a very talented video editor who’s a member of the church, and so, he pieces together contributions from the pastors (prayers, sermons), congregation members (readings), and our music director and band, into a great broadcast every week. He then sets it up on YouTube so it goes “live” at 9:30 every Sunday, which lets people to watch either at the normal service time, or when they’re available. We do virtual coffee hours and Sunday school classes via Zoom, as well.

I haven’t tried one yet, they’re just building up in my area. they look similar to Blaze Pizza (which I have had) so looking at their menu I’d go with the closest thing to a margherita. Which for them is “Dillon James.”

(why do these places come up with silly names for stuff?)

I’ve tried both Mod and Blaze pizzas. They both put on items as you walk through the line. They both charge a single price for pizzas where you can ask for anything you want.
I prefer Blaze.

If I get the chance, I’ll try Blaze, too.

I generally get pepperoni and vegetables. It’s great for my lovely wife, who can get a GF DF EF za without celery, soy sauce, MSG, or other problematic foods.

My favorite Mod pizza is the Jasper. I always add Red Onions and Black Olives. Sometimes, if I’m in a cute mood, I’ll ask for a drizzle of Buffalo sauce. Either way, it’s a great pizza.

Wth? Mod pizza?!?
The Donner party ala’italiano!

I bet they’re tough to chew


At Mod I usually start with the Caspian and add artichoke hearts and lots of roasted garlic. And make sure to get the balsamic fig glaze added at the end.

Never tried Blaze Pizza but there’s one near my COSTCO. Might have to give it a try.

This post is one of the reasons I’d like to see posters’ locations – I’ve never heard of either Mod or Blaze, and since the OP’s public profile isn’t, and none of the other posters have given their locations, I’m going to have to google to find out where these pizzerias are.

There’s one about 15 miles from home and we went once. I honestly don’t recall what I got. Mushrooms for sure - that’s my pizza go-to. It was OK, but I wouldn’t make a special trip to eat there.

I order from MOD about once a week and always get a Calexico with added black olives, mushroom, and garlic (pieces, not chopped). They have plenty of locations in metropolitan Chicago.

I agree with the posters who said they’re similar to Blaze.

Both started on the West Coast, it seems.

Blaze certainly won’t be getting any business from me – according to the map on their website there isn’t a single location anywhere in the coterminous 48, and I can’t even look at their menu without selecting a store to order from. :angry:

The closest Mod is in southeastern PA, the other side of NYC, convenient for my sister-in-law but not for me.

The map of locations of Blaze is https://hq.blazepizza.com/locations. They’re all over the eastern U.S. and in California. There aren’t many in the western U.S. (outside of California) or in Canada. The menu is the same at all stores, I think. Just click on any random store and look at their menu.

I haven’t tried the GF crust but I ordered the cauliflower one and it was pretty good. no idea if it’s actually healthier but you’d think it would be lower carb, wouldn’t you?

I don’t know if basalmic fig glaze sounds good. I will stick with the traditional red cause and add some pesto, yum.

try it and let us know which is best!

my profile isn’t public? I will look into that as I don’t remember making it private. I’m in the PNW.

hopefully both chains are expanding and you will have the option to try one or both some day. I really prefer a Mod pizza to the other options in town. We have pizza hut and the one where you take and bake (it’s HOT, I don’t want to bake!) and a local one that only has one kind of crust that I don’t care for.

I really like the idea of all the toppings Mod has with no extra charge.

mine isn’t either, and I don’t see where in my settings to change that. maybe it was something that carried over from the old board…