What do you remove from your body the minute you walk in the door?

Detachable penis.

Why do you need to have things in focus to per at night? I do it with my eyes mostly closed anyway

All the junk I’m carrying: purse, gym bag, yoga mat, sack of groceries. Then shoes.

Must be rough on your shoes…

Damn, man, that’s way too much work!

And then you have to reverse that whole process any time you leave your home again?

Shoes and outdoor clothing are the only things I remove on your list.

Yeah, that’s what I do too. I’d never be comfortable at home with all that gear on me. I do the same thing when I arrive at the office, except I keep my pants on.

A coat or hoodie in cold weather. Otherwise, I don’t usually remove anything till bedtime.

Shoes. Phone. Pistol. Coat if I wore one.

So some of you (guys) hang around the house with your wallet in your pocket?

And your shoes on?

It makes me uncomfortable just typing that.

Hockey mask, machete, heads of fornicating teenagers

Jacket. That’s it. Shoes are likely to come off shortly, but only when I sit down to relax (either on the couch or at the computer).

Phone, wallet, keys, etc. all stay on me. I’m too lazy and too forgetful to do otherwise. And, prior to LASIK, the idea of walking around without glasses would have been an absurdity. As is the idea of being without my phone.

My prescription is not for reading. I can read without the glasses, though it’s still blurry. My eyes are bad enough I don’t want to cross the street without my glasses.

I want to avoid stepping on the little dogs. (There’s enough lights from microwaves and what not to see, barely, at night. I keep all that stuff out of my room though.)

I forgot to mention this one. That gets hung up immediately.

Shoes and jacket.

If I recall correctly, I used to take my watch off also but it’s been years since I wore a watch (although by coincidence I came across my old watch a couple of days ago).

Purse, sunglasses, water bottle.

Coat (if wearing one)
Glasses (nearsighted, never wear them indoors)

The skin. Bringing them home alive and messing around with the pit and the bucket and the lotion is just too much trouble.

jacket (if any)

Unless it was a trip to the grocery store, in which case, I stop after gloves and walk to the refrigerator to unload the backpack.

[/ul]In some order:

  • Jacket, if cold/wet enough to have one on
  • Shoes and socks (replaced by slippers)
  • Work clothes (replaced by real-life stuff*)
  • Contents of full bladder (as needed)
  • Unless I work evening-then-morning, in which case I just change the shirt.

Just don’t get drunk

Yes, these. Also earbuds, as I only use my phone as a glorified ipod.