Do you take your wristwatch off at night?

Laying in bed last night it occurred to me that I almost never take my watch off, probably because I would forget to put it back on in the morning. Its a rather heavy Swiss Army watch, and it felt odd when I first got it, but now it feels odd without it.

Anyone else wear their watch all of the time or do you take yours off?

My watch glows in the dark, well, the numbers do. (I think most watches do this, if they don’t have a light, right?) It’s a very nice Seiko which I’ve wanted for years.

I never wear it at night at home, but whenever I’m in someone else’s house I do because who knows where their clocks are? And I like to know the time when I wake up in the middle of the night. And the glow-in-the-dark thing is perfect.

I never used to take it off, but as I share a bed these days, I have had complaints that the metal strap can, uh, trap hair. So now I take it off, if I remember.

I take it off.

On stage.

Friday nights, drinks half-off.

Oh. I take the watch off at night too. :slight_smile:

I take mine off at night. I purposely don’t have any clocks in my bedroom because I hate clockwatching when I can’t sleep.

I take my watch off at night and also anytime I sit down, like at my desk or while eating. Mostly because I’m mildly allergic to nickel and the back of the watch makes my wrist itch if I wear it for too long.

I take my watch off every night before bed, like clockwork.

I take my watch off as soon as I get home from work. My husband usually takes his off as soon as he gets home as well. If not, he definitely takes it off before bed.

And we have a rule when we go camping - absolutely no watches.

Who cares what time it is when all you have to do is sit around the campfire drinking beer and roasting marshmallows?

Watch comes off as soon as I get home from work. I try not to wear one unless I am at work or travelling.

I didn’t participate in your Hot Or Not thread because I didn’t want to either give you an ego or insult you. But seeing this -

What bar? :smiley:

I always take it off. It’s kinda like taking off underwear before sleeping. Who wants to keep something against your skin all night if you don’t need it?

Hey, Anaamika, let’s go to CA together to see CynicalGabe! (And to get away from the damn cold weather here in Alb.) :stuck_out_tongue:

I never wear a watch inside my house. If I’m going out, it goes on but if I’m staying in, it stays off.

Its all in good fun. And the bar depends on how much I’ve had to drink. Havent yet resorted to removing my clothing, but if I have more than 12-15 drinks (not a usual occurence) I might start to believe I can dance.

Have’t checked the weather for central CA, recently, have you? Brrr.

Soon after I retired, I took my watch off, and now I rarely wear it. When I leave home, I often take a cell phone, which will tell me the time if I really want to know.

THe only time I take my watch off is to shower. Even though it doesn’t either light up or glow in the dark.

But then I also wear underwear to sleep in, so I guess I’m just weird.

Cynical Gabe, is it more than 20 degrees F? Then don’t complain!

And taxi78cab, we’re meeting this weekend anyway aren’t we? Let’s go visit him…I may as well give him an ego now…

He *is * cute.

IF I wear a watch out, and I don’t wear one to work, I take it off right when I get home.

I also take my ring off when I get home from work. Not everyone does that.

I usually didn’t bother to take my watch off when I had a cheap one, but now I have a more expensive one I take it off. I’d be worried about damaging it otherwise.

I quit wearing a watch years ago.
My computer at work has a clock as well as my business phone.
If I’m out I have my cell phone and that has a clock on it.
My car has a clock as well as the radio.
Most rooms in my house have a clock.
The channel guide on my sattellite tv has a on-screen clock.
Wearing a watch would just be overkill for me.

Don’t wear a wristwatch. Haven’t in 20 years.

But when I did (back in middle school), I took it off at night.