What do you remove from your body the minute you walk in the door?

I suspect I am unusual in the sense that, the moment I enter my home, all extra baggage must immediately be removed from my person:

[li]Shoes[/li][li]Wallet[/li][li]Phone[/li][li]Watch (back when I wore one)[/li][li]Eyeglasses[/li][li]Keys[/li][li]Anything in pockets[/li][li]Any outdoor clothing[/li][/ul]

Anyone else feel a similar need to unburden themselves once indoors?

ETA: Often socks along with the shoes as well

Stripper Glitter.


Pretty much everything in the OP’s list except empty pockets. I just take off my manbag.

My routine:

Remove shoes

Put down bags

Empty jacket pockets

Remove jacket

Remove pants

Ha! But still too late. You gotta take care of that well before you even get near the door.

For me, coat or jacket, followed by shoes, followed by the contents of my pant pockets (keys, cash, phone, cards), watch (if I wore one), then pants and shirts. I need to be in shorts and a t-shirt within 5 minutes of entering my house.

Everything but my underwear.


You take your eyeglasses off?

A pretty similar list for me, but lesser. Outdoor clothes (my wallet, keys and cell phone travel there), jacket, scarf, shoes and hat, but I keep my watch and socks on, along with my glasses.

I would literally have trouble finding my glasses if I’m not wearing them. They sit right beside my alarm clock at night, so I can put them on as soon as I wake up. I have to put them on if I have to wake up to the washroom in the middle of the night.

Everything listed (more or less), plus my contacts.

Absolutely. Of course if I want to read something at some point I have to grab one of my many pairs of readers scattered about.

Why do you need to have things in focus to per at night? I do it with my eyes mostly closed anyway

Not one of “us” then - before my LASIK, I couldn’t read the big “E” without glasses/contacts. If I was awake, I was using one or the other. Except when showering.

I set down my purse, then change clothes. Take off the shoes and socks, (unless it’s cold, then I’ll keep socks). I don’t wear shoes at home unless I’m going outside. Change out of work clothes and into comfy ones. Take off bra, too. Keys live in my purse. Phone travel in purse, but lives on desk, so it’s not really something I wear.

Wallet, keys, watch, belt. On the rare occasion that it’s too cold to go barefoot, I may leave my shoes on, but otherwise they come off too.

Shoes, maybe. Panty hose, sometimes.

But the bra. The bra has a witching hour of 9pm. For some reason around that time every night it decides to suddenly gore me and stab me in the back no matter how well-behaved it may have been all day.

Whip that bra off, change into jammies and slippers, take the phones out of the purse (one work, one personal) and plug them in, then grab dinner. On morning I go to the gym I clean out my gym bag of the sweaty clothes and get stocked for the next gym day.

I take off my glasses immediately, too. I’m nearsighted, but not by all that much: I don’t notice the difference for close-by things, like one will usually see indoors, and I’d rather not have a thing on my face. I never lose my glasses because I always put them in one of a very limited number of places when I come in.

Shortly after the glasses follow the necktie (if I’m wearing one), ID badge (if applicable), and my belt-mounted hall pass (if I’m coming in from teaching).

Hat or shades.:cool:

Shoes get kicked off into the shoe garage. Then I have to turn around and dig them out because the dogs will need to go out for a potty break. And shoes again.