What do you stock up on?

I’ve noticed that different people regard different things as “stock-uppable.” Personally, ever since an incident in college, I’m not content unless there are 15 or so rolls of TP in the house. I buy 36-roll packs at Sam’s Club all the time. I have also noticed that I tend to have depth in my supply of tomato sauce, hot sauce and pasta supplies. Not to mention that every time I go to a gun show (or Turner’s has a sale) I end up coming home with enough ammo to reinact the Battle of the Bulge.

What do you tend to squirrel away?

Advil, and girly necessities (pads, tampons). Because it really, really sucks to run out of those when you need them.

Also, I always seem to have too much ketchup. I’ll forget that I already have a new bottle in the cupboard, and buy another one. And I don’t really even use ketchup all that much.

Quick and easy food fixings. Stuff like perogies, lipton’s noodles, soup, canned veggies and the basics for pasta in the pantry. Kleenex, TP, shampoo and soap (I looked in the cupboard to grab a new bottle of conditioner the other day and was amazed to find I have about 6 bottles of shampoo…). Feminine necessities.

That sort of thing.

Hair ties, loose leaf paper, and mechanical pencils. You can never have enough of any of those items. I never think to stock up on “girly necissities”, which is bad because I always run out.

My dad keeps a cupboard full of “Cream of…” soups. I don’t recall ever using them except when making chicken and rice casserole, but we always have a ton. My sisters and I used to tease him about it.

Dove bar soap
Hot chocolate for work (no coffee for me)
Toothpaste & mouthwash.
Conditioner for my hair (I always run out before shampoo)
Toothpicks in my purse for Mr Johnson

Dog & cat food. I may go without, but they never will if I can help it.

Meat in the freezer. If I see a bargain, I snatch it up.

In addition to the toiletries mentioned above, I also stock up on greeting cards, gift bags and gifts for people. I have a “present cupboard” so to speak, which I add to whenever I come across something that would either be the perfect present for an particular person, or when I see something this I know would have wide appeal for a number of people. Because I do this, I usually have the shopping done far in advance of a gift-giving occasion, and when it’s far less stressful to do it.

Christmas gift wrapping paper. I usually buy quite a few rolls each year at the post-Christmas sales when the shops are practically giving it away, and then store it.

Black socks. I saw my favourite brand on sale last month and bought 18 pairs.

We keep a pantry full of canned foods (soup, chicken, spam, beans, veggies and the like) as well as pastas.
I also keep 25-30 of the main batteries AAA, AA, C & D with 4-6 9v and 2-3 lantern batteries, always in rotation . Additonally 8 rechargable AA and a charger to use with the generator in the garage.
Ammo. Oh yeah. 12 ga., 9mm, .357 & .38, 7.62x39 and more.
Water. 10-15 (5 gal. bottle) gallons of bottled water along with a few dozen bottled/sports types.
Toilet paper, paper towels and paper plates. Gasoline 10-15 gallons in jugs plus near full fuel tanks on two trucks with hand pump for removal.
Lighters. LP gas bottles for the grill- 2 (one is always full and one in use).
Chain saw with two blades and 3 chains.
You know. Just the basics.

Oh, and I forgot to add, dog treats. I don’t want to live so bravely as to run out of a supply of Milk Bones and something Snausage-like.

Canned goods

still own about 500 round of 9mm had that for a few years now.

Diet Pepsi Twist, if its on sale 5-6 2L bottles at a time every trip to the store. When its not on sale we cruise on the built up supply having 10-15 bottles around is not uncommon.

Me and an old G/f used to buy soda literally 20-30 2L bottles at a time and we had a closet full. We would get the generic stuff when it was on sale for 3 2L bottles for a dollar.

Marinara sauce. I make a huge batch, several mason jars worth, and freeze it. We go through a LOT of pasta.

Fine Black Bic pens. They’re hard to find where I live so when I find them I get a few boxes. I have tons of them everywhere.

I can run out of just about anything else.

Toilet paper, the cream soups (mushroom, celery, chicken, and occasionally onion), cat and dog food, and Benadryl. There’s other things that we consistently buy, but don’t stock up on. I don’t know if my husband compulsively stocks up on ammo or not, and since it’s 2:40 AM here, and he gets up at 5:30, I’m not about to wake him up to ask. I know he has a large supply, but I don’t know his buying habits.

Stuff that we’re always buying fresh are milk and bread, but I think that’s pretty common.

Girly necessities (I’m thinking of building a little fort with the o.b. boxes), soap, deodorant, batteries, and saline solution. It’s not unusual for me to have three or four different kinds of soap, as I get tired of scents quickly and change them often.

As far as house stuff goes, we stock up on toilet paper, ketchup, pasta, and both dish and laundry detergent. Mom can only tolerate one brand of laundry detergent and one brand of dish detergent. She buys a lot of each when she can. The laundry detergent can be had at wildly differing prices depending on which store we go to, so we always check the price. Mom recently found her brand of dish detergent at, I think, a Dollar General store for about thirty cents cheaper than it is at Wal-Mart. She bought several bottles. The cabinet under the sink is full of them.

Good lord, did I ever misinterpret the first and last items on that list.

I stock up on printer paper, for some reason.
I almost always need a ball-point pen when I go out on the weekends, but I never remember to take one with me, so I always end up buying a new one every week.

I guess this counts. I buy a large pack of Toilet Paper and a large pack of soap. But then I use them until there are only one roll and one bar of each and then go buy another large pack.

I cleaned the fridge yesterday, and to my surprise we had stocked up on cream cheese and potato salad. We eat that with our morning sandwiches, but when we’re out shopping, we usually shop new packs 'cause we want it fresh. So, the almost empty packs stay in the fridge.

Other than that, I like to stock up on current items of fashion that actually match my own taste, you never know when you’ll see that again.

We have a small house so it really doesn’t work out to stock stuff. We buy 12-pack toilet paper and 8-pack soap, but that’s about it. I just don’t have the space.