What do you think about the so called "Gang Stalking" ?

I read that recently :


Seemed well written and terrifying… I have to admit that I already heard people speaking exactly like the described Gang Stalkers against highly intelligent and good individuals. I have never participated and tend to flee most of the time in order to not be harassed like the one I saw.

You must think that I am a coward but I do not know what to do… The person I watched being harassed even asked me help and to be believed. He is highly intelligent and I was with him at the University were he passed brilliantly where I failed the first year… If he can’t beat the people that harass him I will surely can’t. I just closed the door and never answered back…

If he comes back for help or discussion I will say to everyone I know that he is crazy and aggressive just to make him go away far from me… But I feel bad and so weak…

Any thoughts ? It seems that it happens quite often… Are we the next ones of this kind of abuses ?

I am young and not very strong and I do not want that this “Gang Stalking” destroy my future life…


I once was part of an online forum discussion where a participant declared she was being “gang stalked” because others disagreed with her bizarre beliefs.

There are certainly instances of bullying in real life, whether in the workplace or elsewhere.

The tone of the linked article is unfortunately redolent of mental illness.

People who think they are constantly being pursued and stalked at work, at home and during leisure activities are probably more in need of psychological help than of law enforcement assistance.

I assure you I’m not being bullied !!! I promise. I have friends that accept me as I am and they love me, I’m sure of that.

It seems though that you answered without reading the article and that you are saying the same as me (that we must say that he is trouble and mentally ill while I know it’s not true)… I’m living not far away though, and people could say the same to me if he doesn’t go away. They will associate his name to me in their head and pursue the reputation destruction with me…

I’m not as cold hearted as you though… and I really know that he is not crazy or a bad person… and thought that I could find some good and intelligent help on that forum as its name implies… This guy could be my brother.

Last time he interrupted me (gently) with proofs of harassment from his Internet provider… and said that the law didn’t do anything because the ISP is a National provider. He even said that he has “voice recordings” of other stalkers that would send them to jail (I told you he is very smart, but I can’t do anything for him and do not want to be a target myself). I have to say that I am frightened…

Thanks in advance for any more enlightened help.



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I’m a victim of Doppelgäng stalking, but I really only have myself to blame.

Well, I read the article, and at best it’s silly. “Gang Stalking” is not “pervasive,” as the article claims. The example from Sex in the City is called ostracization–it’s as old as the hills, doesn’t need a new label, and is a far cry from what the rest of article describes, which is essentially a landscape commonly portrayed by clinical paranoia.

Do you really fear that a bunch of random people, most of whom don’t even know each other, are just going to suddenly band together in a carefully orchestrated way to ruin the life of a stranger, who has made them of offense at all? You know, people are busy. They have things to do. Most people can’t even get their own shit together, let alone have the time to cause problems for someone they even know.

The person who wrote that article is undoubtedly suffering from some kind of delusion. He claims that the people who were harassing him outside work recruited his co-workers to harass him. Never happen.

Perhaps the reason his co-workers treated him coldly is because he was mentally ill. Or maybe it was all in his head.

I did a little google on this and most of what’s out there is gang stalking conspiracy sites. Not a lot of debunking. Here’s a NYT article:

Looks like this stuff has been around awhile.*

“The views of these belief systems are like a shark that has to be constantly fed,” Dr. Hoffman said. “If you don’t feed the delusion, sooner or later it will die out or diminish on its own accord. The key thing is that it needs to be repetitively reinforced.”

It’s like most any other delusional, paranoia-flavored concept - 9/11 conspiracies, Illuminati, Pharma plots to sicken the world…constantly being reinforced by websites where the like-minded can share their fears. Weirdly, the chairman of the department of psychiatry at Columbia quoted in the NYT article thinks that this online reinforcement is a positive thing, instead of destructive and an impediment to good mental health.

“(A) group of self-described “targeted individuals” met offline in Los Angeles last month for their inaugural conference…where they attended a meeting to share stories, including the humiliating experiences of being told they are insane.”

See, it’s also easier now for these people to find each other IRL for “reinforcement”. In that vein, consider what it will be like this winter on the inaugural “Conspira-Sea Cruise”. The agenda for that frolic includes MK Ultra, “privacy”, “surveillance”, “psyops” and lots of other topics to keep gang-stalkees busy.

Ooo-wee, baby.

*still trying to figure out why this article ended up in the “Style and Fashion” section.

I thought the Columbia guy’s comment was weird too…but considering most of these people either wouldn’t get or would refuse treatment, maybe it is better for them to spout off at each other and feel “safe” and “understood”…as long as they’re not egging each other on to violence.


You see? No one takes them seriously! :slight_smile:

Holy shit, that cruise looks like a dog’s breakfast. Andrew Wakefield!!! Chemtrails! Holistic healers! And so on. We also find Nick Begich Jr., son and brother of US Congressmen AND the past president of both the Alaska Federation of Teachers and the Anchorage Council of Education AND “expert” on HAARP.

OP I feel for ya but don’t even bother. You’re addressing this to the same folks that think people should see a general practitioner to resolve issues with bad neighbors. :smack:

At least one reasonable answer… As I said, I’m very impressed by the situation I’m living and observed the facts myself… Maybe I was too curious and shouldn’t have used the term “Gang Stalking”. Maybe the terms “Harassment by people in a powerful position” is more accurate.

I feel helpless and that is why I asked this question on an reputed intelligent forum. If I ask “real” people that are close to me I WILL get involved and things get known so fast over there… And as I mentioned the guy was calm, repeated all the facts with the proofs and I couldn’t say anything…

I know that I am only a simple woman with little education but I thought that someone better than me could have had some good Ideas… It’s very strange (for me at least) to see a person that I know was and still seems calm and intelligent, to be called mentally ill or delusional (as someone said) just because there are some people who want to say those things…

What would you do in my or his situation ? How to solve this intelligently ?

Thank you guys.


Some people with paranoid schizophrenia or an illness on that spectrum can come up with very elaborate and even convincing descriptions of the conspiracy against them.

It really does sound like a paranoid delusion.

Have you ever been “gang stalked”?

Looks like Mercedes is having a BOGO sale.

To me one of the strangest characteristics of gang-stalking syndrome is the extreme self-centeredness of it. Supposedly all of these people, from all walks of life, governmental organizations, businesses, strangers, colleagues, neighbors, are recruited to harass – not physically harm or kill, simply harass – a “targeted” individual. To what end? For what reason? For what recompense? What’s in it for the stalkers? Who the hell has the time to stalk someone? From the stalked person’s point of view it’s all about ME. All these people are concerned with ME! They’re out to get ME! Does that not sound like the very definition of clinical paranoia? It is completely irrational and unbelievable.
Mercedes, intelligent people are just as prone to clinical psychoses as anyone else. You don’t have to be a raving lunatic on the street corner to be suffering from psychosis. When an intelligent, calm person is telling you something that is completely irrational and unbelievable, they are suffering from psychotic delusions.

That’s because your upstairs neighbor is not following you around your apartment. Sorry, but that is delusional thinking. It is NOT happening. Just like “gang stalking”.

Yes, exactly. Anecdote =/= data, but I had a very bright, creative, funny friend in college who went completely off the rails. She accused me and my roommates (we shared a common apartment wall) of blasting music at her and talking about her. I assured her that we hadn’t, and she said she’d tape recorded us. Could I listen to the tapes? Of course not. She also said that a guy she liked and his fraternity brothers would drive by at night to yell at her. I know this didn’t happen because I would have heard it too. These are just a couple examples of delusional behavior that went on for a year until she dropped out of school.

Mercedes, the thing that you can’t and shouldn’t do for your own health is to get drawn into your friend’s delusions, because that’s what they are.

This delusion may be vastly preferable to the sad truth that nobody gives a shit.

I’m also a victim of gang indifference. I know you won’t bother trying to dissuade me.