What do you think of my election night drinking game?

Here’s how I set it up:

Print out a list of each state plus D.C.

Pick which candidate would win, and what percent of the vote they would carry for that state.


1-3% off–No drinky drinky

4-6% off–Not bad at all–drink one shot of beer # 1 (beer #1 was a 6% abv brew. Rodenbach Grand Cru for any other beer geeks out there)

7-9% off–It can happen, but you should have paid more attention–drink one shot of beer #2 (approximately 8% abv. Founders Breakfast stout.)

10–15% off–You do know they have electoral predictions online, right?–drink one shot of beer #3 (10% abv. Struise Pannepot)

15% or more–You really suck, so you must pay the price–drink one shot of beer#4 (http://www.dogfish.com/brewings/Limited_Edition_Beers/World_Wide_Stout/17/index.htm

Picked a state for the wrong candidate–drink a shot of wine.

If you picked the percentage exactly, you were allowed to make the other participants drink beers 1-3.
The main issue was deciding when to call a state. Eventually we had to get drinking, so we decided that as soon as a state was called for a candidate on at least two major networks–and more than 2% of the vote was in–we had to go with it. States that were called early for a candidate who still had a lower percent were pushed until later.

It will be easier the next time around (come on 2012!), but it was certainly a lot of fun. Any suggestions?