What Do You Think of My Idea for a Coffee Table Book?

I recently got a home computer and am facinated by what you can do with it. I especially enjoy saving images I like on CD-ROM. As I’ve already said on the bbboards, I having been thinking for some time what it would be like to make my own coffee table book dedicated to something that has been near and dear to my heart for some time now–the beauty of men.

I’ve already lined up some nice images from the image section of google (quite possibly the best image search engine on the web–
here, you can try it for yourself if you like). I cannot put the images here–it might violate some copyright or something, plus I’m not sure how to do that. But, if you will indulge me for a moment, I would like to describe my coffee table book as it now exists on my CD-ROM. Remember, as I said on the bbboards it will be set to a famous quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Enjoy:

TITLE PAGE: “What a Piece of Work is a Man” [in Edwardian Script] “by William Shakespeare and (my name)” [in Arial Black]
CAPTION: “What a piece of work is a man!”
PICTURE: From the Sistine Chapel: God giving life to Adam.
CAPTION: “How noble in reason!”
PICTURE: Nobel laureate Albert Schweitzer.
CAPTION: * “how infinite in faculty!”*
PICTURE: A male and female police detective on the field.
CAPTION: *“in form and moving how express and admirable!”
PICTURE: NFL superstar Keyshawn Johnson.
CAPTION: *“in action how like an angel!”
PICTURE: New York firefighters raising the battered flag over ground zero.
CAPTION: “in apprehension how like a god!”
PICTURE: Stephen Hawking, noted professor and genius.
CAPTION: “the beauty of the world!”
PICTURE: A lone flower.
CAPTION: "the paragon of animals!
PICTURE: A mother gorilla with her children.

So what do you think? You will notice though I am gay, I have included a female police person for completeness. I have also included an African-American athlete, also for completeness. But it was not entirely accidental that I chose Mr. Johnson. He seems very attractive to me. Plus he has some unusual lines and symetry, especially around his legs and face.
Here, you can see for yourselves what I mean.

All I need now is to take it to “Kinkos” to have it taken off CD-ROM and put into booklet form. The only problem is I originally wanted it in coffee table book form! Does anyone know someone who would do that for me. In any event, thank you all for letting me share this with you.


BTW, this book will purely for my own use and enjoyment. Of course if a book publisher ever said he liked it I would be glad to sell the idea to him.

I meant this book will be purely for my own use and enjoyment. That brings up a good question. We obviously aren’t allowed to correct our posts once they’re posted. But what rules of ettiquette (I’m talking informally, of course) apply to posting a correction to your post? Hmm…

It’s o.k., several of my posts are corrections to previous posts. :slight_smile:

I finished getting the last color copies at Kinkos today. They were about a buck each. For some reason, I couldn’t get some of them enlarged the way I wanted to. Other than that, I would say it looks very good for an amateur’s work. I bound it in a simple and cheap plastic binder.

So how do I get my coffee table book version–and more importantly–for how much?

"For some reason, I couldn’t get some of them enlarged the way I wanted to.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure Keshawn’s straight. :slight_smile:

I realize lieu is joking. And Mr. Johnson is obviously straight. But my appreciation of the beauty of men–especially as expressed in this “book”–far transcends things like sex and sexual attractiveness. On the other hand, my being gay does give me a heightened sense and greater appreciation of the artform that is man perhaps the same way a wine taster with a unusually sensitive palate might say.


Mr. Johnson isn’t going to kill me now, is he? I meant no harm. Oh, well.

This thread title made me nostalgic for Seinfeld

Speaking for myself, I would never post a correction unless my meaning was unclear in the original post. If you can figure out what I was trying to say, I don’t need to correct it. Some people do like to, though.