what do you think when you see it?

A friend and I were doing laundry and she was wearing her “laundry shirt”. You know… the shirt you never wear except for when you’re doing laundry. It is her laundry shirt because it has an American flag on it. You see… in the part of Texas that we live in when you see an American flag, you think Republican. Probably pro-gun, anti-choice, Christian fundie Republican, but definitely Republican of some sort.

Is this just because Texas is dominated by Republicans? Is this not the case in other parts of Texas? Or is this a general theme in America at large? While I’m at it, I may as well not leave out people in other countries. What do you think when you see someone sporting the flag on their shirt, car, etc.?

Sorry, I honestly didn’t mean to offend. That should have read pro-life not anti-choice.

Don’t see too many people sporting the star spangled banner around here :smiley: