Tell me about the Christian flag

My multinational employer has Yammer, a Facebook-like social network for employees. Most of the discussion groups are related to work or IT, but there are a few hobby- and family-oriented groups.

One recent entry had an employee from the U.S. (a man, I think) talking about his teenage daughter’s success at a recent rodeo event. And he mentioned with pride that his daughter had been chosen to carry the U.S. and Christian flags at the opening (or closing?) parade. His post got the usual likes and mild congratulations expected on a social network made up of strangers.

Is exhibiting a Christian flag at public events a usual thing in the U.S.? Old tradition or new idea? Political statement?

I’ve never heard of it but, if his daughter was in a rodeo, I’m guessing she lives in a far different slice of America than I do both geographically and culturally.

Same here. When I read rodeo, my mind went to Texas and, while I don’t know a lot about Texas, I’ve always assumed that they’re fairly religious down there. It seems that injecting religion into sports wouldn’t be that unexpected.

Doing some google image searches didn’t show any obvious connections, but doing regular google searches landed some results. None of which I clicked on, but it does seem that some rodeos in the bible belt do fly Christian Flags and there appears to be at least some controversy over it.

I guess what I’d want to know is what state she’s in and who’s promoting the rodeo. For example, if it’s in Texas and being put on by a Christian group, it would make sense. If it’s in Iowa and being put on my the local government, maybe not.

I’ve never heard of this flag, but I just want to say that’s some incredibly shity vexillography. For a flag designed from scratch, it is just bad design - why a canton? Usually it’s for another complete flag or a single meaningful symbol. Why a square canton, out of all proportion? Why red on blue, which is crappy contrast? I’m not saying it’s “county flags of Liberia” bad, but it’s pretty crap.

I’ve heard of the flag and would recognize it, but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen it in a secular context. If I did, I’d assume its owner was trying very hard to make a point about something.

When I was a kid in Christian school we pledged both the American and Christian flags every morning.
“I pledge allegiance to the flag
And to the Savior for whose kingdom it stands.
One Savior, crucified and risen again
With life and liberty for all who believe.”
There is also a Christian flag hanging in my grandma’s church, but I don’t think I’ve seen it elsewhere.

I love how none of the versions of that pledge have the words “Under God.”

I’ve never seen that flag being used in a public ceremony. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that it’s commonly used in religious schools, which is really a subculture that has lots of cultural features that aren’t commonly known outside it.

It’s merchandise, not fine art. Christian rock, Christian rap, Christian flag.

It’s also shitty logo design, if that helps.

If you’re pledging allegiance to God directly (“I pledge allegiance…to the Savior”), wouldn’t “under God” imply that there are two gods?

I don’t believe I have ever seen that flag before. So, I don’t think it’s a thing at most public events in the US. I don’t think I’ve been to a rodeo in 30 years, but maybe it’s a rodeo thing? :confused:

Just looked those up…holy crap, that is a high bar to pass.

I’ve seen it in churches from time to time, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it at a public event. Definitely not a “typical thing” in much of the U.S.

Is the Christian flag common at rodeos? Nah, not so much. Is it used at some rodeos, especially those staged by Christian organizations? Sure. Honestly, your question is like asking “Is rye bread a usual thing in Russia?”. The US is huge and diverse. The answer varies on a micro level.

I’ve actually been to some Texas rodeos and this is the first I’ve heard of it. So, no, it’s not a common thing.

Heck, Texas is huge and diverse.

I didn’t even know there is a Christian Flag, and I AM a Christian. I was raised a Protestant (Lutheran) and have never noticed one in any of the many churches I have visited.

Someone let their child use MS Paint I see.

I’m an Episcopalian and I’ve never seen this. The Episcopal church has its own flag but I’ve never seen it at a sporting event. I think the only time I’ve seen it outside of church was at the pride parade.