What do you use your spare hand for?

I’ve just decided that from now on I’m going use my spare (right) hand for all the messy things, like eating warm chocolate or buttery toast or other messy/greasy food, so as not to transfer grease onto my mouse, which is really unpleasant.

It’s hard to type with one hand though so I’m sacraficing the right side of this keyboard to the grease-ogs.

I hope I can keep this new resoltion up.

What things do you force yourself to use your spare hand for?

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What do you use your spare hand for?
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Since I broke my dominant arm yesterday, I use my spare arm for everything right now. I’m most displeased about my handwriting skill.

Being lazy I have bottles of Aqium near my computer at home and at work. Nothing else needed. I use it before playing my guitar too to help keep oil and grease off the strings.

What spare hand? :eek:

Do you mean your non-mousing hand? Because I have two mice, one on either side, and I switch around.


If I had a spare hand, I’d have three hands! I consider both my current hands to be non-expendable. :stuck_out_tongue:

I keep a spare hand in my desk cupboard. It made an excellent back scratcher once rigor set in.

For some reason it goes behind my head. The left hand does all the work.

SSG Schwartz

Sure. The left one is programmed oppositely, so I always use my index finger for regular clicking. It’s very convenient. My husband’s the one who set it up.

you mean this isn’t a masturbation survey?

My left hand’s pretty much useless by itself and I can’t use it for anything requiring any real strength or coordination.

Hope your arm heals quickly and cleanly, Ferret Herder.

As a trackball user, I am unable to eat anything with my dominant hand. Seriously. Even when I’m not at the computer, I eat only using my “spare” hand unless my food requires cutting, at which point I take a break and go watch TV.

I wrap my spare hand around my lips and toot bugle hits.

I’m semi-ambidextrous. I can do most things with either hand, although I’m naturally right handed and still better with my right.

…97, 98, 99…change hands :stuck_out_tongue:

The company I work for recently stuck a bottle of that stuff on every desk on all their sites in the UK.

Nice, huh. Just the thing to help staff keep the bugs at bay over winter. Took them several hours of overtime for security staff, per building.

The next night, they took them all away again. Putting 250 ml of 60-70% ethanol gel on every desk suddenly didn’t seem like a good idea :smack:
I blame the guy who got some in his eyes, but it was probably the people who ate the stuff that did it.


Alt-Tab, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-Z, Ctrl-V, etc. I just realized that if you were left-handed most of these keyboard commands would not be as natural to use while um . . . mousing.

Hi, cousin! I’m lefty-turned-righty; I write with my right because I was trained that way (and the training involved being hit by a ruler on the bunched ends of my fingers, I hope the teacher who did it had the worst case of haemorroids ever recorded), but there’s many other things which I do with either hand. Comes handy when you have to unscrew and screw something in a hard-to-reach place (no, not that kind of screwing, you weirdos!).

Mine keeps my digital watch from sliding off. I still think digital watches are a neat idea.