What do you want on your tombstone?

Yeah, I’m having morbid thoughts, so what?

What do you want on your tombstone?

Meatball, please. :wink:

Seriously, I wouldn’t mind Robert Frost’s “Nothing Gold Can Stay”… or else a quote from one of my poems… just don’t know which one… or maybe a note on there that SOMEONE has loved me in my life…

I just don’t know!

An imperishable stain in the shape of the leg of the witch I condemned to burning at the stake. It should appear mysteriously on the tenth anniversary of either my death or the witch’s. It should defeat all vigorous attempts to remove it. Folktales should be woven around it, and small children should scream when they approach my gravesite. The ears of dogs should prick up when they are in the graveyard, and they should appear to be staring at something which no human can see.

pepperoni and mushrooms. :wink:

Here lies Jarbaby

[Firing Squad Commander]
Tombstone Pizza, Pierre!
[/Firing Squad Commander}

Damnable advertising.

On my headstone…

How’s it going up there?
Watch where you’re standing.

I don’t know… I’m still busy designing the hardwood dance floor, and the two urinals on each side of the headstone.

Everything but anchovies.
When will it be ready? I’m pretty hungry.

As far as a monument goes, perhaps something like, “In life, I wasn’t Playboy Bunny material, but in death, I make a damn fine dust bunny.”

I hope I have a long time to think about this.:slight_smile:

Many Crows always posted in the correct forum :slight_smile:

Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but this is being done in IMHO.

Nice sig, Many Crows!



Preferably something libelous, such as:

Here lies
G.B.H. Hornswoggler
as usual

A longish piece of doggerel attaching my morals and manners would be good, too, especially with bad puns on my name. (The composition of which is left as an exercise to the reader.)

I just want a completely black monolith that doesn´t tarnish in any way. And I want this weird humming sound to come from it, as it aids the evolution of our planet and bends time and space.

Oh, and I want plenty of apes around touching it in awe.
At all times.

— G. Raven

Copious amounts of the blood of very car driver that pulled out in front of my “I’m sorry I never saw you” bike.
Or here lies Casdave 1958 - still waiting folks

I don’t want one.

Burn me, throw my ashes in the ocean and carry on with life, see you on the Other Side.


Heck. I didn’t think to search on epitaph.

Since when is what you want on your tombstone an opinion? :confused:

Actually, it’s a poll, and those are done in IMHO also.

I know what I want:



Apologies to Billy Connelly for the plagarism (and for probably misspelling his name), but:

In really small letters that you have to get right up close to read: “You’re standing on my balls.” :slight_smile:

Hm. I like the Black Monolith idea. Espically Stainless, waterproof, ect…

Or how about “You’ll never forget me now.”

[sub]Actually, I’d rather not die, but I understand that’s not an option. Oh well.[/sub]