What do you wish you could do?

What is this about your age? Do you think you are too old to begin something new? Ten years from now, how old will you be if you don’t learn piano? You might be surprised how quickly you can learn as an adult.

I’m going to borrow a wish. I’m sorry that I don’t know the name of the originator:

I wish that when I die, I would go to heaven and join the great Heavenly Chorus – ten thousand tenors, ten thousand altos, ten thousand baritones, ten thousand basses – and I am the only soprano. And as the choir director begins to conduct, I wish that he would stop, tap his baton on the music stand and say, “Please, Zoe! A little less soprano!”

I wish I could sing - there’s something about a really good singer that makes me wish I was them… seems so free a form of expression… as it is, I’m almost tone deaf so I don’t think that wish is gonna come true any time soon lol.

I wish I could do a cartwheel. I can do a backflip, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t do a cartwheel.

I wish I wasn’t so deathly afraid of what I don’t know is in the ocean that I could actually swim in it. But I’m terrified of it, and probably always will be.

I wish my snake could play fetch with me.

Ah. Pianist envy.


I wish I could have confidence in social settings. I’d love to be able to walk up to someone and hold interesting and witty conversation.

Alternatively, at the moment I’d settle for being able to sleep through the night. Either or :smiley:


Realistically, I wish I had the spare time and money to be able to train in Martial Arts as heavily as I would like to.

Fantastically, I wish I could both teleport, and become invisible. Those two abilities would enable me to fulfill most fantasies, both lurid and mundane.

Right up to the sky.
But I can’t.

Relax. No really.

I also wish I could do something, anything almost, really well.

I wish I could sing and dance well enough to be on stage.
I wish I could sew all the great designs in my head.
I wish I could translate well enough to translate English musicals into foreign languages.

I wish I could learn stuff at work faster.
I wish I could make friends as well as other people seem to.

I wish I could play the accordion.

Told this to my wife the other day, I have the wierd desire to be able to make balloon animals.

I also want to be able to play the guitar and/or piano but that’s more pedestrian.

Balloon animals would be fun.

The first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the OP was “play the piano”. Not necessarily as well as a concert pianist, but simple so I could play and sing, or play at a party.

As far as fantastic wishes, I guess teleportation would be the coolest.


I wish I could play the piano better than I currently can

I wish I could draw