What do you wish you could take time out to do?

If I didn’t have a job, a family to take care of, or responsibilities in general, what I wish I could do would be:

I’d like to spend a month in a monastary where I would not speak, hear speech, or have to read or write anything. For a month. Let my speech centers go totally dormant and let my brain’s right hemisphere take over.

I’d tie up my right hand and learn to be ambidexterous.

Something I’ve always wanted to do, but I use both hands at once too often in normal life to do it properly.

I’d drive to Glacier National Park with my camera and a notebook to take pictures and work on my next novel.

I’d build the most amazing treehouse-officeand finish my novel. Probably bring the camera as well.

Similar to you, Lumpy, I’d like to go to an ashram and do silent yoga and meditation and seva for a month (or more, really, if possible).

I’ve always wanted to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. My knees are too old now to do it, but if I had the time, I’d do it in little bits.

That’s fascinating. It’s sort of like what I think about–going deaf. I mean, I wouldn’t like to be deaf, I love music/movies…SOME people. But the idea of just not hearing anyone in general is kind of nice. Like on the subway, walking around with people yammering on cell phones…

Go to culinary school. I’m an excellent self-taught cook, but I’d love to take formal training. Unfortunately, I’m the primary income provider for my family, so unless and until my wife’s career really takes off, which is a realistic possibility, that’s on hold.

I’d like to take six months to drive around the country.

God, the list is too long.

The idea of a month with no speaking/hearing speech is great, though I’d never be able to give up the written word.

Travel this country with my camera, then take off for others.

Learn a new language through immersion.

I’d like to be able to do some intense observation of the Caribbean. The intensity of my observation would be so great that I would need someone to occasionally bring me a libation.

I’d try to knit through my stash.

I’d like to say I’d clean the house. I mean REALLY clean the house: go through everything, throw stuff out, donate stuff, dust, vaccuum, paint, wash the windows, clean the basement, everything. But I know myself and if left to my own devices for a month I’d just sit and read books or the dope and play games on the computer.

I’d like to read my stack of unread books while eating my way across Europe. And finish one of the three books I’m working on.

For an achievable fantasy, I’d like to weed the garden and get it ready for winter.

rob a bank, make my 200 jump quota and start flying camera for a living instead of this horsesh*t programming carry on!

the funds from the robbery would be useful, but as much fun as it would be to run into a bank wearing a pair of tights on my head and shouting “Everyone on the ground this is a robbery!” I could never do that!

Suppose that comes from my a strong moral streak - I could never profit from threatening others. I hate violence!

But it would be fun to do that for the rush!

my last jump was #78. ended in tragedy. but that’s another story. been out of the game for too long, but gettin’ back into it in December. Roll on December!

Work on my portfolio. Draw. Write. Get through my to read pile.

I’d love to work on my casting (related to fishing) technique for a month solid, that would be really something.